The Surprising Story of How Little 10 Year Old Jakov Ignited the Tradition of Praying the Rosary In Medjugorje

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By Patrick Dillon

Author – Crosses, Sunsets & Sinners – A Brother and Sister’s Medjugorje Journey

After finishing my newly released book – Crosses, Sunsets & Sinners – A Brother and Sister’s Medjugorje Journey, I suddenly came across an interesting interview I had recorded back in 1990 with a local Medjugorje woman that really caught my attention.

At first, I was disappointed that I didn’t find this material before publishing my book but then I realized it was an opportunity to share this little-known information with those who follow Mary’s messages.

In the interview, the woman went into detail telling stories about the visionaries and it was obvious that the visionary Jakov Colo was her favorite. She explained to me that he was only 10 years old at the time of the first apparitions. Not only was he just a child but his mom had died and his dad was mostly absent at work in a different country during that time period.  This is why Jakov had such a strong relationship with our Blessed Mother because she became both his spiritual and parental mother. Because of this, Jakov has a special bond with Our Lady.

According to the local woman, after Jakov’s mom passed away, Our Lady asked the visionary Vicka buy ativan medication Ivankovic-Mijatovic to quit school and look after young Jakov which she humbly obeyed.

According to the woman, one evening Jakov had a vision of Our Lady when she asked him to go to Father Jozo (the parish priest at the time) to tell the people to pray the Rosary. This was a time when the visionaries had to be careful to avoid the communists while out in public. Jakov’s obedience to Mary outweighed his fear of the communists so he was determined to get this message to Fr. Jozo.  He went outside and literally hid, weaving his way amongst the legs of the parishioners, who were gathered outside St. James Church as Mass was about to begin. He made his way through the crowds and into the church and finally went to the altar where he started pulling on Fr. Jozo’s robe. Surprised, Fr. Jozo asked him what he was doing?  With an urgent look on his face, young Jakov informed him of Mary’s request that the people pray the Rosary.

I can only imagine what was going through Fr. Jozo’s mind as he saw the dedication of this young visionary.

To this day, Jakov mostly keeps to himself staying out of the limelight and focuses his attention on living out Our Lady’s messages.  

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