“When Our Lady Returns to Heaven What Does She Look Like?” Mirjana “She goes in a mist around her.. followed by a Butterfly”

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After the Vatican investigation into Medjugorje concluded that the early days of the apparitions are “Supernatural in nature” Mystic Post has been looking into just exactly what the Ruini commission investigators encountered. Fr. James Mulligan’s book is a treasure trove of information about the early days. His book is based on transcripts of taped conversations with the young seers.

Excerpt from Fr. James Mulligan’s book “Medjugorje”: The First Days.

Father Jozo: And when she ascends into the sky what does she look like?

Mirjana: Like this, She is going up slowly, she is disappearing buy ativan canada pharmacy slowly then climbing and then the sky lights up.

Fr. Jozo: How is she going up?

Mirjana: She goes up like this – She disappears straight, slowly. She goes in a  mist around her

Fr. Jozo: Is she spreading, dissolving?

Mirjana: No just mist somehow appears around her. She goes towards the sky and then a butterfly follows her and yesterday a swallow.

Fr. Jozo: Is she beautiful?

Mirjana: Oh Yes! Incredibly

Fr. Jozo: Have you ever seen such a girl

Mirjana: Never!

4 thoughts on ““When Our Lady Returns to Heaven What Does She Look Like?” Mirjana “She goes in a mist around her.. followed by a Butterfly”

  • I saw 2 perfectly round discs of light one time st night while awaiting Her arrivals to Ivan the visionary. At first I thought they were 2 airplanes thst were going towards each other but the discs instead went through each other then shortly there after She was there !!! I read later on that it’s what happens when Our Hospa is about to arrive!

    • In 1998 being my first of 3 visits to Medjugorje….I was seated in about the center of St James church…..and just about 5:40 pm…I detected a flash of light out of my right eye. I thought this to be someone taking a flash bulb picture….but no one was to be using cameras inside of the church…I turned back facing the front towards the alter…..and instantly a “”white sphere of bright,bright light went from the light fixture about 15 feet above the congregation just out from the Blessed Mother statue …..and it went zipping instantly to the back of the church to where the choir loft is……I was not aware about this happening sometimes prior to the arrival of the Queen of Peace…..until I read it in Wayne Weibles book ..Medjugorje the Message…..at the timely this light I felt pure peace and tranquility!

  • The only place I felt a fraction of peace was in siroki brijeg at a spiritual talk by fr jozo zovko.that’s not to take away from the the beauty of medjigorje

  • On Apparition Hill, late at night praying all alone, at the summit of my soul, I was told to pray the prayer of stillness.

    This is the medicine I unknowingly was seeking.

    J o J

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