Sun Miracle Comes to Shores of America – This is a very short video clip but worth a look

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This very short video was taken by Pam Collins from a boat off the shores of Mystic, Connecticut on August 11. It is an incredible example of a “Sun Miracle”

I know Pam personally and I am certain the video is 100 percent authentic. In fact, Pam is looking for explanations. 


About Pam

As a child Pamela overcame bullying by becoming a model, overcame an abusive husband by getting out, and healed her depression by comedy and exercise. She overcame her sons epilepsy by a miracle and she overcomes loss through faith in a better tomorrow. Please You Tube “The Innkeepers Diary” for a trailer of this book. She now lives a Cinderella life in Connecticut as an Innkeeper and Historical Interpreter.

Sun Miracle at Medjugorje 1,700,00 views. The single most watched Medjugorje video.