As 100 Year Anniversary of Fatima Nears, Signs of Medjugorje’s “Great Prophecy” Unfolding – Archbishop of Russia Has Warning for the “West”

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“Before 1917 nobody ever proposed that the collapse of a centuries-old Christian empire would happen…” Russian Orthodox Archbishop Hilarion

Whether one accepts Our Lady’s Message about a spiritual revival that would take place in Russia given to the visionaries in October of 1981,  is a matter for each individual to make peace with. 

With that said, the recently departed great Marian theologian and apparition investigator Rene Laurentine declared the prophetic words from the Virgin Mary to be an important part of the early Medjugorje messages. According to Laurentine, he claims the visionaries, in a taped interview, told the interviewer that the Queen of Peace revealed to them that:

“Russia will come to glorify God; the “West” has made civilization progress but without God and act as if they are their own creator. “

Are these words coming true?

As we see signs of attacks against Christianity across the globe and as a mysterious rise of spirituality takes hold in Russia, it is not unreasonable to begin to see world events through the eyes of Our Lady’s prophetic words.  Her words, her revelation, is what I call Medjugorje’s “Great Prophecy”. 

It is also important to fully understand that Russia was a central theme – perhaps THE central theme – of Fatima, and if Medjugorje is indeed the fulfillment of Fatima, as Our Lady has said, then it stands to reason that Russia should play some mysterious role with regards to Medjugorje’s final outcome. 

Signs that Russia is attached to some unfolding drama suddenly seems to be everywhere.  Each night television news commentators and their guest pundits, relentlessly pursue attacks against Russia. 

Please keep in mind most of the vitriol is coming from “progressives, liberals, even Hollywood elites – that is –  the demonization of Russia comes from people who, not only do not believe in God but are downright hostile towards people of faith. 

The left’s attack on Christian values – attacks by those who I call modern day Bolsheviks – should concern all of us.  It should concern all Christians that the effort by progressives to make Russia our enemy is – at its root – part of a hidden agenda to harm Russia’s Christian revival.   One of the few regions in all the world that are experiencing a Christian revival is in Russia and that spiritual renewal is intolerable for the “Left” to let stand and therefore it must be stopped.

Progressives are so alarmed by the rise of religion in Russia that they have effectively declared war. Morgan Freemon, goated on by Hollywood power brokers,  recently said in a dramatic video –  “We have been attacked, We are at war with Russia”  

I cannot overstate the fact that these warnings are coming from Hollywood – not our Military leaders, not our government, not the President of the United States but the call for war against Russia is coming from Hollywood and their progressive friends. It’s unbelievable really. It’s prophetic. “The West will make modern progress but without God” The “Great Prophecy may indeed be unfolding.

This Medjugorje video by BBC talks briefly about the prophecy regarding Russia.

The following article is from

Russian Orthodox Archbishop Hilarion Alfeyev has a warning for the West

Participating in a London conference on the topic of “The Christian Future of Europe,” Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev, head of the External Relations Departments of the Russian Orthodox Church, Moscow Patriarchate, spoke on September 22 at the Russian Embassy to Great Britain, and his talk was something of a warning to the Churches of the West.

Opening his talk with an acknowledgement of Christian persecution throughout the world, and armed with research figures hewn from recent PEW polls and other studies, Hilarion painted a grim but up-to-date and accurate picture of what Christianity is currently facing due to migration and Western secularization, and also what the future of Christianity will look like without a deep and strenuous effort at evangelization.

The Archbishop presented a sobering look at how migration is impacting Europe: “According to figures by the European Union agency Frontex, more than 1.8 million migrants entered the EU in 2015 alone … the number of migrants in Europe has increased from 49.3 million people in 2000 to 76.1 million people in 2015.”

“The other reason for the transformation of the religious map of Europe,” said Hilarion, “is the secularization of European society. Figures in a British opinion poll indicate that more than half of the country’s inhabitants – for the first time in history – do not affiliate themselves to any particular religion.”

This trend is not holding true in Russia, where an identification with faith is on the upswing, although “many defined themselves as ‘religious to some degree’ or ‘not too religious’ … However, the number of people who define themselves as being ‘very religious’ is growing steadily.”

That good news must be balanced an understanding of the rapid decline of religious practice in Europe and North America, and here Hilarion suggested that history must be given its due study, as a warning:

I would like to remind you all that in Russia before 1917 nobody ever proposed that the collapse of a centuries-old Christian empire would happen and that it would be replaced by an atheistic totalitarian regime. And even when that did happen, few believed that it was serious and for long.

The modern-day decline of Christianity in the western world may be compared to the situation in the Russian Empire before 1917.

The revolution and the dramatic events which followed it have deep spiritual, as well as social and political, reasons. Over many years the aristocracy and intelligentsia had abandoned the faith, and were then followed by common people.

His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia spoke of this in January 2017: “The fundamental rupture in the traditional way of life – and I am now speaking … of the spiritual and cultural self-consciousness of the people – was possible only for the reason that something very important had disappeared from peoples’ lives, in the first instance those people who belonged to the elite. In spite of an outward prosperity and appearance, the scientific and cultural achievements, less and less place was left in peoples’ lives for a living and sincere belief in God, an understanding of the exceptional importance of values belonging to a spiritual and moral tradition.”

Hilarion seemed to reserve a special condemnation of the resistance to religion demonstrated by the European Union:

And when half a century after the creation of the European Union its constitution was being written, it would have been natural for the Christian Churches to expect that the role of Christianity as one of the European values to have been included in this document, without encroaching upon the secular nature of the authorities in a unified Europe.

But, as we know, this did not happen.

The European Union, when writing its constitution, declined to mention its Christian heritage even in the preamble of the document.

I firmly believe that a Europe which has renounced Christ will not be able to preserve its cultural and spiritual identity.

The Archbishop’s full speech may be read here.

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