Great Saint Teenager, José Luis Sánchez del Río – One Of Mystic Post’s Favorite Saints… “Viva, Cristo Rey!” “Viva Christ the King!”

The courage of a 14 year old disciple!

“To get to heaven, we have to go to war!” Jose Luis Sanchez del Rio was 14 when he said these words to his mother. He joined the Cristero rebellion against the regime of President Calles in Mexico, after Calles had closed the churches, outlawed the Mass, and began shooting priests who refused to reject their faith.

Jose was captured by the government and told to renounce his faith. When he refused, he was tortured as the soles of his feet were cut to shreds. He responded all the louder, “Viva, Cristo Rey!” “Viva Christ the King!”

He was executed in February, 1928 in Sahuayo, Mexico.

One Year ago October 16, 2016, Pope Francis canonized this 14 year old martyr as a saint.

St Jose Luis Sanchez del Rio, pray for us!