Italian exorcist: ‘Medjugorje is Hell on Earth for Satan!’…”Medjugorje is a fortress against Satan”

Italian exorcist: ‘Medjugorje is Hell on Earth for Satan!’

Author: Vjera

Source: medjugorje.inf

She cries for her children, said the demon ..


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 Watch the video testimony of the Italian priest and exorcist don Ambrogio Ville from the Milan Diocese. He was in Medjugorje with a group of his parishioners.

In addition to the beautiful experience of pilgrimage, he also wanted to witness one of the experiences he had in prayer of the exorcism of a possessed person. In the process of prayer, he let go of the famous poem: “Our Lady, my mother …” The unclean ghost exclaimed, “There is no one there …” Don Ambroggio replied, “Because you are a ghost of lies, there is something there!” this demon completely changes the tone of speech and says: “She loves all her children! She cries for her children! “And then the demon added a phrase I had never expected,” That place is our hell on earth! “

Similar experience was also one of the most famous Vatican exorcist don Gabriele Amorth arguing that his demon was forced to obey during exorcism said he hates Medjugorje. The drug against Satan is in Medjugorje: “Medjugorje is a fortress against Satan. Satan hates Medjugorje because; Today, the Church wants Mary to be a sign of reliable hope and comfort. … By her – by Mary – Christ will cling to the hellish serpent, ‘Amorth said.