Exorcist on the Power of the Rosary: ​​My friend heard the devil say: “If the Christians knew how powerful it would be my end”

Exorcist of the Power of the Rosary: My friend heard the devil: “If the Christians knew how powerful it would be my end”

This is how Don Gabriele Amorth, the chief Vatican exorcist, said of the power of the Rosary:

Once my friend, during the exorcism, heard the devil say: Every Hail Mary is like a blow to my head.

If Christians knew how powerful a Rosary would be, this would be my end. The secret that makes this prayer so powerful is that it is both prayer and meditation. It is addressed to the Father, the Blessed Virgin, Pand the Blessed Trinity, and is Christ-centered meditation.

To the above thinking, I will add:

Please pray every word clearly and clearly. Do not distort words. Do not pronounce before the submitter completes his sentence, ie, before the endorsed by those who answer, if you are a preacher. Keep in mind that they then talk to Mary our Mother, and it is not polite to speak while someone else is talking.

When one is praying the rosary together, then pray only the two, the coward and those who answer. Everyone speaks to the Blessed Mother and carefully hears her response in her heart as she focuses on the image in front of her, in considering the mystery she is praying for, her interpretation and application in her own life. Expand this mighty exorcist prayer, a rococo, which includes our Father, a wonderful prayer prayed five times during the prayer of each tenth of the mystery of the Rosary, backed by the mighty prayers of our Mother who prays with us while we say “Hello Mary”.

The Eternal Father, in the sight of one of my friends, explained to our group what is happening while we pray for the rosary, saying:

As you pray – Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now … – The Blessed Virgin immediately comes to you to pray with you. And, she does not come alone. She brings angels with her. And not one or two, for she is the Queen of Angels, so the whole weeds of angels come with her. And as both Jesus and Jesus are united in the heart and can not be separated, it also brings Jesus. Jesus can not be separated from the Holy Trinity, and He brings with Himself the Father and the Holy Spirit with himself. And where the Holy Trinity is, there is all creature there, so you are surrounded by such beauty and Light that you can not even imagine in this life at all.

Your Mother comes as our Lady of Grace, with outstretched hands. Light rays radiate from her hands, tearing your body, treating you, and filling you with graces. This is our heritage that is poured out of Jesus’ Heart on the Cross, when a soldier burned His Heart with a spear, into a clean bowl ready to receive such graces at that moment, your Mother. Therefore, as you pray for a crown, or just answer – St. Mary – you receive your share of these graces. He then also said: Is it then weird that anyone who prays the heartbreak is so blessed and protected, so powerful in his prayer for others?