For those who are new to this group you may also be new to the mystic of Maria Valtorta. Maria Valtorta was a mystic of the twentieth century, who wrote the voluminous books “Poem of the Man-God” which were approved by Venerable Pope Pius XII. Pope Pius XII had this to say about the Poem of the Man-God “Publish this work just as it is…” Maria Valtorta was visited by our Lord and our Blessed Mother over many years while she was bedridden and in that time given many visions of the hidden lives of Jesus and Mary and the Gospel years. Our Lady of Medjugorje was asked by the visionaries back in the early 1980’s when these books were starting to become very popular, if the Poem of the Man-God was true, and She answered “yes.”


— From the Mystical Revelations of Maria Valtorta —


The Hubble Space Telescope, successfully launched by NASA into orbit around our planet, has been hailed by scientists and astronomers as a landmark achievement of modern science. Its 86-inch mirror and attached camera aimed through a kind of “keyhole” of our own galaxy — a speck of sky the width of a dime at a distance of 75 feet — have provided a spectacular view of the visible horizon of the universe.

In the presentation offered here, Christ Himself sharply addresses the swollen pride of modern man and punctures his inflated ego. “Babylon the Great” is another Dictation or Locution given by Christ, on the date indicated, to the great contemporary mystic, Maria Valtorta. Although best known for her masterwork, The Poem of the Man-God, Valtorta also received many other revelations collected in her 3-Volume series entitled: I Quaderni 1943, …1944, …1945-50. The Dictation presented here is taken from her first volume: I Quaderni 1943 [“Notebooks for 1943”], and has been specially translated for this Website.

By way of exception and as a fitting conclusion and recapitulation, Alice Meynell’s profound and inspired poem, “Christ In the Universe,” has been appended at the end of this Dictation to invite Valtorta readers to ponder more deeply the opening theme of the Dictation and, hopefully, to inspire praise for the Creator of so seemingly infinite and magnificent a universe.

— Translator

[August 22, 1943]

“Maria, now I take you by the hand to guide you in the most obscure point of the book of John. The commentators of this book have exhausted their capacities with many deductions to explain to themselves and to the people who the “Great Babylon” is. With human vision—to which the shocks of events desired or which happened were not foreign — they have given the name of Babylon to many things.

But how is it they have never thought that the “Great Babylon” is the whole of Earth? I would be a very little and limited Creator-God if I had created only Earth as an inhabited world! With a throb of My Will I have raised up worlds upon worlds from nothing and cast them forth — luminous fine dust — in the immensity of the firmament.

Earth, of which you are all so proud and so fierce, is but one of the bits of fine dust revolving in that infinity, and not the largest. But She is certainly the most corrupt. Lives and [more] lives teem in the millions of worlds that are the joy of your gaze on serene nights.

Is not Earth perhaps the great Harlot who has fornicated with all the powers of the earth and of hell? And the inhabitants of Earth, have they not prostituted themselves: bodies and souls, to triumph also in the earth’s day?

Yes. For it is so. The crimes of Earth have all the names of blasphemy, as has the Beast with whom Earth and Her inhabitants have also allied themselves in order to triumph. The seven sins stand as a horrible ornament on the head of the Beast who transports Earth and the earthly into the pastures of the Evil One. And the ten horns, a metaphorical number, stand to point out the infinite wickedness the Beast accomplishes to obtain, at whatever cost, as much as It wants in Its ferocious lust.

Has not Earth, soaked with the blood of martyrs, been perhaps intoxicated by this holy liqueur which, drunk down with Her sacrilegious mouth, is changed in Her mouth into a potion of accursed drunkenness? The Beast that carries Her: — [Itself] the compendium and synthesis of all the evil wrought from Adam on, just to triumph in the world and in the flesh — draws after It all those who by adoring It will become king for an hour and of an accursed kingdom. You are kings as sons of God, and it is an eternal Kingdom. But you become kings for an hour and of an accursed kingdom when you adore Satan, who cannot give you but an ephemeral triumph, paid for at the price of an eternity of horror.

The Beast — says John — was and is not. At the end of the world it will be so. The Beast was, because It really has been; It is not, because I, the Christ, will have conquered and buried It, because It will no longer be necessary then for the triumphs of the world.

Is not Earth seated upon the waters of Her seas, and has She not made use of these to do harm? What has She not made use of? Peoples, nations, races, borders, interests, food, expansions: She has used all to fornicate and accomplish endless homicides and Iscariot betrayals. Her very own sons, nourished by Her with the blood of sin, will accomplish God’s vengeance upon Her by destroying Her, destroying themselves, bringing the sum total of their crimes against God and against man to the perfect number demanded by My thundering: ‘ENOUGH!’*

In that hour the blood of the martyrs and the prophets will boil up again, steaming toward My Throne with a pleasing fragrance, and the clods of the earth which had collected the groans of those killed out of hatred for Me and received their last quiverings, will give a loud shout formed of all those holy moans, and will tremble with an anguished convulsion, shaking men’s cities and houses where they sin and kill, and filling the vault of Heaven with a voice that asks for Justice.

And Justice there will be. I will come. I will come because I am Faithful and Truthful. I will come to give Peace to the faithful and holy Judgment to those who have lived. I will come with My Name whose meaning is known to Me alone and in whose letters are the main attributes of God of Whom I am Part and Whole.

Write: GESU: Greatness, Eternity, Sanctity,Unity. Write: CHRISTO: Charity, Redemption, Immensity, Sapience, Trinity, Omnipotence (of God compressed into the Name of the Word become human). And if it seems to you that some attributes are lacking, consider that Justice is included in Sanctity, for whoever has sanctity is just; Royalty is included in Greatness; Creation, in Omnipotence. In My Name therefore the praises of God are proclaimed.

O Holy Name, whose sound terrifies the demons. Name of Life, You give Life, Light, strength to him who loves You and invokes You.

Name which is the crown upon My Head as Victor over the Beast and his prophet who will be seized, skewered, submerged, buried in the liquid and eternal fire whose bite is ferocious and inconceivable to human feeling.

It will then be the time of My Kingdom on Earth. Thus there will be a rest from the demonic crimes to give man time to hear again the voices of Heaven. With the Force which unchains horror taken away, great spiritual streams will descend like cascades of grace, like rivers of heavenly water, to speak words of Light.

But as, over the centuries, they did not gather up the isolated Voices which speak of the Good, beginning with that of the Word, so men will be deaf, always deaf — except those marked with My Mark, My dearly beloved friends straining to follow Me — men will be deaf to the voices of many spirits, to voices like the noise of many waters which will sing the new song to guide the peoples to meet the Light, and above all to Me: the eternal Word. When the last attempt has been completed, Satan will come for the last time and will find followers at the four corners of the earth, and they will be more numerous than the sands of the sea.

Oh! Christ! Oh! Jesus Who died to save men! Only the patience of a God could have waited so long, done so much, obtained so little without withdrawing His gift from men and letting them perish long before the appointed hour! Only My Patience which is Love could await you all, knowing that like sand filtering through a very fine sieve, some rare souls would come to glory compared to the mass which does not know how, is unwilling to filter through the sieve of the Law, of Love, of Sacrifice to reach Me.

But in the hour of My coming when, in the garment of God, King and Judge, I come to assemble the elect and to curse the reprobate, hurling them there where the Antichrist, the Beast and Satan will already be for eternity, after the supreme victory of Jesus Christ, Son of God, Conqueror of Death and of the Evil One — to those elect who have known how to remain ‘a l i v e’ in life, a l i v e in their spirit, awaiting the hour of Our triumph, I will give the possession of the Heavenly dwelling, I will Give Myself without ceasing and without measure.

Strain toward that hour, Maria. Call it, and call Me with all the strength of your spirit. Lo, I am already coming when a soul calls Me. Together with the Beloved who saw from the earth the glory of the Lamb, Son of God, the glory of his and your Jesus, say, with every beat of your heart: ‘Come, Lord Jesus’.”



WITH this ambiguous earth
His dealings have been told us. These abide:
The signal to a maid, the human birth,
The lesson, and the young Man crucified.

But not a star of all
The innumerable host of stars has heard
How He administered this terrestrial ball.
Our race have kept their Lord’s entrusted Word.

Of His earth-visiting feet
None knows the secret, cherished, perilous,
The terrible, shamefast, frightened, whispered, sweet,
Heart-shattering secret of His way with us.

No planet knows that this
Our wayside planet, carrying land and wave,
Love and life multiplied, and pain and bliss,
Bears, as chief treasure, one forsaken grave.

Not, in our little day,
May His devices with the heavens be guessed,
His pilgrimage to thread the Milky Way,
Or His bestowals there be manifest.

But, in the eternities,
Doubtless we shall compare together, hear
A million alien Gospels, in what guise
He trod the Pleiades, the Lyre, the Bear.

O be prepared, my soul!
To read the inconceivable, to scan
The million forms of God those stars unroll
When, in our turn, we show to them a Man.

— Alice Meynell



From THE NOTEBOOKS 1943, July 23.

Jesus says:

“When the time comes, many stars will be shaken from the coils of Lucifer, who, in order to win, needs to diminish the lights of souls.

This can happen because not only lay people, but also ecclesiastics have lost and are increasingly losing the firmness of faith, charity, strength, purity, and detachment from the seductions of the world needed to remain in the orbit of God’s light.

Do you understand who the stars I am speaking about are? They are the ones I have described as salt of the earth and light of the world: My ministers.

Satan’s piercing malice studies the way to extinguish these luminaries, that are lights reflecting My Light for the multitudes, by shaking them. If, with all the light the priestly Church is still emitting, souls are sinking deeper and deeper into darkness, the kind of darkness which will crush the multitudes when many stars fade out in My sky is obvious.

Satan knows this and sows his seeds to prepare the weakness of the priesthood, so as to be able to overwhelm it easily in sins, not so much of sense as of thought. In mental chaos it will be easy for him to provoke spiritual chaos. In spiritual chaos the weak, faced with the flood of persecutions, will commit the sin of cowardice, denying the faith.

The Church will not die because I will be with her. But she will experience hours of darkness and horror similar to those of My Passion, multiplied over time because it must be that way.

The Church must suffer what Her Creator suffered, before dying to rise again in an eternal form. The Church must suffer much longer because the Church, in her members, is not perfect, like her Creator, and if I suffered for hours, she must suffer for weeks and weeks of hours.

As she rose persecuted and nourished by supernatural power in the early times and in her best children, exactly the same will happen to her when the last times come, during which she will exist, subsist, and resist the Satanic tide and the battles of the Antichrist with her best children. A painful, but just selection.

It is logical that, in a world where so many spiritual lights will be extinguished, there will be manifestly established the short-lived, but tremendous reign of the Antichrist, generated by Satan just as Christ was generated by the Father. Christ, the Son of the Father, generated by Love with Purity. The Antichrist, the son of Satan, generated by Hatred with the threefold Impurity.

Like olives between the wheels of the oil press, the children of Christ will be persecuted, squashed, and crunched by the voracious Beast. But not swallowed, for the Blood will not allow them to be corrupted in spirit. Like the first ones, the last will be cut down like sheaves of ears of grain in the final persecution, and the earth will drink in their blood. But eternally blessed for their perseverance are those who die faithful to the Lord.”


You (Fr. Migliorini, her spiritual director) told me to understand John, his epistles and the Apocalypse had to be read. I took up the Bible and opened it at random, where the writings of the Beloved Disciple are. It opened for me at chapter twelve. The Master explains it to me this way.

I notice that some days ago Jesus used a similar phrase to comment on the spiritual maternity of Mary, which is thought to be concealed in the woman clothed in sunlight. But Jesus is not speaking about Mary today. He is speaking about the militant Church in the last times. I will read the Apocalypse carefully, hoping in Jesus, that He will be my light to understand it.


“And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent. And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried off by the flood. And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth.” Revelation 12:14-16

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One thought on “Unforgettable Words from Jesus in the Book “Poem of the Man- God”: Jesus explains “The Great Babylon” and the most obscure point of the book of John. “Earth, of which you are all so proud and so fierce, is but one of the bits of fine dust revolving in that infinity, and not the largest. But She is certainly the most corrupt. Is not Earth perhaps the great Harlot?”

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