Then Again Always a New Reminder …Saint Faustina Kowalska reminds you of the importance of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy..”You will not perish”

Why do I have to recite the Chaplet of Divine Mercy? 

Jesus asks her – Jesus appeared in Santa Maria Faustina Kowalska, a Polish religious (1905-1938), and asked her to make Divine Mercy known through three means:

1). The image with the inscription: “Jesus, I trust in You”. Jesus said: “I promise that the soul that will venerate this image will not perish” (Diary of Saint Faustina, # 48).

2). The feast of Divine Mercy, the Sunday after Easter (this year April 3).

Jesus said: “I want the Feast of Mercy to be shelter and shelter for all souls and especially for the poor sinners … The soul who approaches the confession and the Holy Communion receives the total forgiveness of the faults and punishments” (Idem, # 699).

3). A prayer that He dictated, called “Chaplet of Divine Mercy”.

Extraordinary graces are obtained 

Jesus said: “Oh! What great graces I will grant to the souls who will recite this chaplet: the bowels of My Mercy are softened by those who recite the chaplet “(Diary of Saint Faustina, # 848).

He also said: “Even if it were the most hardened sinner if he recites this chaplet once alone, he will obtain grace from my infinite mercy” (Idem, # 687). He then promised: “In the hour of death I will defend as my glory every soul that will recite this chaplet, or others will recite it near an agonizing, and they will obtain for the agonizing the same forgiveness

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