The World We Live In… Pray, Pray Pray

A controversial Teen Vogue columnist known for throwing verbal bombs has topped herself with an especially vile tweet about beloved evangelist Billy Graham, who died Wednesday at 99.

“The big news today is that Billy Graham was still alive this whole time. Anyway, have fun in hell, bi–h,” Lauren Duca tweeted.

Duca went on to say “’Respecting the dead’ only applies to people who weren’t evil pieces of sh-t while they were living.”

Graham, who had been in ill health for a number of years, was regularly listed in polls as one of the “Ten Most Admired Men in the World.”

Duca tweet

“To see just how out of touch some in the liberal media are, look no further than Billy Graham,” Media Research Center’s Katie Yoder wrote.

The comments were immediately assailed on Twitter by outraged users, including one named Vince, who called it “gross and despicable.”

Duca gained national prominence by sparring with Tucker Carlson on Fox News in late 2016 and has since made donations to Planned Parenthood in Carlson’s name. She has been outspoken about her disdain for President Trump and once tweeted a letter that Hillary Clinton reportedly sent her for showing “courage and poise” on the internet.

One thought on “The World We Live In… Pray, Pray Pray

  • It is the irony of ironies, and hypocrisy on steroids, when satan’s mouthpieces, reveling in their utter delusion that they command some kind of make-believe moral high ground, brand demonstrably good people as “evil.” The term “virtue signaling” cannot be applied to such as Lauren Duca. They have degenerated beyond the point of espousing any kind of moral values, regardless of how confused those values may be. They are merely seething with irrational, diabolic hatred, and when confronted by genuine virtue in others, they publicly manifest their insanity. The evil lies in the fact that they are given a public platform where they delight in manifesting it, and for which they are handsomely materially rewarded.

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