Fatima Prophecy Fulfilled: Consecration of Russia is Complete! The Great 21st Century Mystery – The Rise Of Christianity in Russia


By Josh Hersh Mar 26, 2018


Vladimir Putin’s recent victory in the Russian presidential election came as no surprise. Putin has spent much of the past two decades building an enduring and loyal following in Russia, including an alliance with the Russian Orthodox Church, which has fully embraced his leadership.

It’s all part of a dramatic turnaround for the Church, which just 30 years ago was only a marginal force in Russian society.

The Soviets had sought to stamp out organized faith, stripping religion from education, arresting clergymen, and ordering the destruction of many of Russia’s grand cathedrals, including one, Christ the Savior, that was demolished to make room for a public pool.

But under Putin, the Church has been making a comeback.

More than 70 percent of Russians today identify as Russian Orthodox, up from 30 percent at the end of the Soviet Union. And huge swaths of land have been transferred back to religious ownership, with thousands of new churches being built or restored — at a rate of almost three a day, by church figures. And Putin, by building loyalty among the leaders of a cherished institution, has arguably been the greatest beneficiary of this largesse.


VICE News Tonight went to Moscow to ask Church leaders, and experts on the role of religion in society, how the Church’s resurrection has played into Putin’s gambit for everlasting power.

This segment originally aired March 16, 2018 on VICE News Tonight on HBO.

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9 thoughts on “Fatima Prophecy Fulfilled: Consecration of Russia is Complete! The Great 21st Century Mystery – The Rise Of Christianity in Russia

  • Really? Mr Josh Hersh. I suggest you think that one thru again. I will refer you to a very long comment by a gentleman by the name of Stewart Davies on Jan. 28 th 2018. On Thus site. The consecration as Our Lady instructed has yet to be fulfilled. Again go back and read Stewarts comments. Better yet why doesn’t Mystic Post…post Mr Davies Comments and compare.

  • I as many enjoy many postings on Mystic Post, however what you may call Twisted esoteric arguments is your interpretation of what our lady says. I.E. your interpretation of prophecy. Yes you can see what is happening to the people of Russia. But the leadership is nothing but a dictator
    To use Stewart’s words Putin is the most dangerous man in the world. This is your site it Mr. Ryan and you can say or post what ever you want. But when you the hoorah Putin and Christianity is dead, essentially, in the West. You offend a great number of Christians . Including me an orthodox Catholic Christian. Your interpretation of what Our Lady said one time is your only narrative you have. Prophecy can change depending on human beings response to it.

    • Fisrt of all sorry about my tone in my previous comment ..The people who call Putin dangerous are mostly God hating progrssive media. Rachel Maddow Cnn Wash Post all of them. They hate Putin becasue he beleives in God and is not afraid to to tell people. Furthermore the real issue is they (the God Haters) can not control him. That is why they fight so hard. Quite honestly I just don’t believe them anymore. Why should I they are wrong about everything.

  • Also I suggest you read a book called The Immaculate Heart of Mary and God’s plan for America written by Luis Sergio Solimeo .

  • Yes sir Mr Ryan you are correct I pay very little attention to the main stream media types myself. I pray that President Putin has been truly converted. I do know that President Trump wants to return this country to its Christian roots. I support him with prayer every day. I have purchased your book The Maddona Files and as soon I finish reading The Miracle detective it’s next on my list to read. Thank you for your stories. I want to recommend to you Holy Love Ministries. Wayne Weible wrote a book called Intimate Messages From Heaven. He believes the Apparitions to be authentic. Good night sir. I humbly apologize for any offense

  • Sorry to anybody that believe the Consecration of Russia was done by Pope John Paul II in 1984,The World was Consecrated to The Blessed Virgin Mary then,not Russia as requested by Our Lady in 1929!!!! Yes they were spiritual benefits due to that Consecration,The fall of the Berlin Wall and The Soviet Union and the return of Russia to Orthodox Christianity, but the Russian Government is implicated in corruption and a long list of assassinations of opposition rivals in Russia and Britain,and the war in Ukraine that killed thousands of people.The Consecration of Russia will be done by The Pope and all the Bishops of the Catholic Church and all the world will know that it was done,many clerics in the church as the Blessed Virgin Mary disclosed to Sister Agnes of Akita are working against her,but her Immaculate Heart will Triumph and a era of World Peace will begin,no one could say that this peace has happened since 1984.

    • Dear Liam,

      You are beholden to the progressive media’s narrative on Russia, They are God haters… Open your own eyes make your own decisions. USA invaded iraq which set the middle east on fire. How many dead?
      USA supported Isis and al queda (moderate rebels in Syria) How many dead?
      DO you really beleive Russia invaded Ukraine.. East Ukraine is all Russia. The only people upset about crimea are Washington DC neo cons and progressive left media..

  • I dont know why this atheist is visiting the vatican?He is certaintly not going there to be converted to Christianity.After he distorted the Pope conversation, on Hell.If it depend on me ,he will not be allow to step a foot on the Vatican ground.

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