Medjugorje. Confessors are witnesses to unexplained events that happen. We’ll tell you some…Words spoken in a language the Priest could not understand – suddenly the words became an image before his eys.

The priest who are in the confessionals of Medjugorje say that what happened in that place has never happened to them  in their own cities or in the parishes where they served the faithful on behalf of the Lord.

Here is one example: A French priest found himself in a linguistic barrier that he thought insurmountable.

The French priest spoke of a day when in his confessional in Medjugorje an Italian lady appeared: the woman began to speak without a brake, he tried to tell her in French that she would have done better to contact an Italian colleague ( it is well known that because the confession has validity both the subjects must understand each other perfectly), but this did not take care of the words of the priest and the Italian woman continued to speak.

The parish priest found himself in difficulty, so he asked the Lord: “What do I do?” And suddenly all that the woman told him appeared before his eyes as a vivid image. The priest was even more surprised when, when it came time to respond, he spoke in a perfect and eloquent Italian (the priest had never studied the language). After that grace received, the priest manages to spend hours in the confessionals of Medjugorje without ever getting tired.

This story shows how God takes care that his children confess and purify themselves from their sins. On the other hand, confession is a fundamental sacrament for the salvation of the soul: within this Sacrament, in fact, two sinners meet to magnify the divine mercy, one has received the power to forgive sins, while the other approach him to tell his own misery.And from this meeting the blood of Christ flows to purify the penitent who wants to expiate his sins.

Precisely for this reason, Our Lady invites the faithful to confess at least once a month, since no one remains spotless all this time. The Celestial Mother also invites with the intention of sinning no more so as not to frustrate this wonderful opportunity for redemption.