Satan is really very powerful, but Our Lady teaches us to use the ‘weapons of light’. Do you know them?

If we load spiritually with the weapons of light there will be no need to go to testify, they will come to tell us that we are blinding them and maybe they will try to extinguish that fire of love, provoking us. And we will respond with an even stronger faith!

Message of Our Lady of 25 November 2004: “Dear children! In this time I invite you all to pray for my intentions. Especially little children, pray for those who have not yet known the love of God and are not seeking God the Savior. Be you, children, my outstretched hands; with your example approach them to my heart and to the heart of my Son. God will reward you with graces and every blessing. Thank you for responding to my call. “

This message made me think of how fundamental and decisive it is to experience God’s love directly, rather than to know God through books, without feeling His Life and His Love.

Padre Pio used to say: “in books we seek God, but in prayer we find Him”.

One can speak of God without ever having met Him, but one can never communicate the explosive charge of His Love, and consequently be “outstretched hands” towards others, let alone be “the hands of Mary”!

The experience of the Love of God is a grace, undoubtedly, and as such it must be asked, pleaded and invoked for us and for others through our prayer of the heart, that prayer which is the work of God in us, a prayer that gushes from the heart like living and fresh water and allowing us to experience His Love.

It is true that those who do not pray do not experience God, but it is also true that those who have not experienced the love of God do not pray!

If the world does not pray and is far from God, it is because He did not know Him.

If He does not know Him how can He love Him and recognize Him as Savior?

How can I commit myself for a lifetime to pray, go to Mass, keep the commandments, love the neighbor, forgive offenses, if I have never felt the love of God, if I have not been touched by His presence?

It is impossible to put the Gospel into practice without having experienced the living Love of Jesus … this is why Jesus says: – without me you can do nothing -!

I feel this message of Our Lady especially to us Catholics, to those who have felt that Jesus is alive and active in their lives, because if we cultivate our relationship with God, if we allow ourselves to be invaded by the Holy Spirit, if we let God fill our heart making experience of His Love, then we will be salt of the earth and light of the world, and the world will know the Lord because He will see it acting through our concrete love, He will feel His mercy through our forgiveness, He will feel His presence through the our “outstretched hands” ..

And the Immaculate Heart will triumph.

We always need a lot of discernment to evaluate things and reality, because we are not always in an attitude of vigilance, indeed, we often fall asleep at the very moment when we should be very awake.

Our battle is not against creatures made of flesh and blood, but against the rulers of this world, therefore, if so, our weapons are all spiritual ONLY, and these are the weapons that Our Lady has been spreading for 23 years. through his prolonged appearances: fasting, prayer of the heart, knowledge of the Word of God and the sacraments. Needless to fight with other weapons, they will win. Even if we are animated by good and holy intentions, they will have the best of us.

Needless torchlight, demonstrations in the square and other more or less flashy strategies, of course, will give attention, but … past the saint, passed the party, it says in my part.

If we load spiritually with the weapons of light there will be no need to go to testify, they will come to tell us that we are blinding them and maybe they will try to extinguish that fire of love, provoking us. And we will respond with an even stronger faith!

This is the time not to be missed, dear friends, the time of grace that will never come again, time to build the foundations of our faith with the only valid means such as spiritual ones; this is the time to make our face as hard as bronze to pass indifferent and victorious in the face of the blows of the enemy attacking in the most varied forms, through suffering and persecution of each species.

Blessed are you when they slander you and will persecute you, already blessed, because persecution is the guarantee of the authenticity of the spiritual journey.

Let us sing to one voice to the Lord, let us rejoice before lions ready to eat us, because the Lord is great and works wonders.

“Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, before you came out of the light, I had consecrated you; I have appointed you a prophet of the nations “. 
I answered: “Alas, Lord God, behold I can not speak, because I am young.” 
But the Lord told me: «Do not say: I am young, but go to those whom I will send you and announce what I will order you. Do not fear them, for I am with you to protect you. “(Jer 1: 5-8)

Fall in love with Mary

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