Scientists Report Two Stars Colliding in 2022…Is This The Garabandal Prophecy About The Warning?


In the near future, there will be a supernatural event that has never happened before in world history — The Illumination of Conscience or The Warning. This event was one of four events mentioned by the Blessed Mother at the apparitions of Garabandal, Spain from 1961-1965. One of the four young visionaries Conchita at that time said, “The Warning would be like two stars colliding.”

That is a very odd metaphor since few people other than extremely sophisticated celestial scientists ever speak like that. Astronomers have been studying a pair of stars since 2013, and are making a prediction that in 2022 two stars will merge and explode, lighting up the sky for a short time. The exact date is not precisely known, but as the date approaches they predict they will be more accurate. The name of the pair of stars are KIC 9832227 and in the constellation Cygnus. After several years of study, The American Astronomical Society predict that the pair of stars will explode as a “red nova.”

Calvin College professor Larry Molnar said, “the two stars are orbiting each other now and share a common atmosphere like two peanuts sharing a single shell. When they do merge and explode, its brightness will increase ten thousand fold, becoming one of the brightest stars in the heavens for a time and be visible to the naked eye.”  

As the Magi followed the star above the birthplace of Jesus, we may see again science validating prophecy. The story of creation is written in the stars, and it must be remembered that the prophesied events at Garabandal are cosmic events for the entire world, not just a localized phenomena in the Cantabrian Mountains, Spain, above the nine pines. What a story it would be if two stars collide as written ushering in the “time of times.” We know at the time of the Illumination of Conscience, hope would be nearly lost in the human spirit due to deteriorating conditions in the world.

When people speak about a major event they will often say, “this is of biblical proportions.” It means it is rare and big. They say it because they know it is not an ordinary event for a Moses figure to bring ten prophesied supernatural plagues on a country. Then as a follow up after leaving Egypt, God parts the sea for safe passage for His followers.  It was then that Pharaoh decided enough was enough and he let the Hebrew people go. Then as the people grumbled, food fell from the heavens that sustained several million people all at once in a barren desert for decades. Yahweh then gave His people a sign of His presence in the desert; a pillar of smoke by day, and a fire (Shekinah Glory) by night to remind them of His fidelity to them. Still, they remained stiff-necked –much like some of humanity today.

No matter what book you open in Scripture, you will see the supernatural. God is a God of signs and wonders. It is as much of His DNA as mercy and love. No man walked on water, turned water into wine, cured the sick, prayed over the tomb of a friend and had them rise from the dead after being laid to rest three days earlier. No man ever said about himself “destroy this tomb and in three days I will rebuild it.” The fact is, no one understood what He was talking about until after the events happened.

If we are honest and have a degree of scriptural literacy, we will see when events are prophesied in scripture, they sometimes seem absurd and out of the realm of possibility — in the natural order. What most often happens is that a prophecy is given and people cannot figure out how it will happen. Reason clouds their faith and supernatural intellect, based on reason and logic alone. What one thinks may happen doesn’t happen as they thought it may, but in retrospect it does happens just as it was prophesied — most often to the letter—supernaturally.

One can look at nearly any prophecy and it is often hard to understand when spoken. Akita, Rwanda, Fatima, Rue du Bac, LaSalette, and many others are prime examples of this. But, they all played out to the letter as the Blessed Mother said, when viewed in retrospect.   Few believed what was said at that time and had detractors, but the serious student saw it historically happen exactly as written, but not as they imagined.

Garabandal, Spain is one apparition site that embodies this thinking. None of it is logical at this point. Joey Lomangino, was blind and was supposed to see the Great Miracle. As the apostle of Garbandal, he died on June 18, 2014 never having seen the Great Miracle as he and others thought. June 18 was a significant date because St. Michael first appeared to the Garabandal visionaries on June 18, 1961, which is the date that set events in motion. It was then on July 2, 1961 that Our Lady first appeared to the visionaries. This date was then the Feast of the Ark of the Covenant, a title she has assumed as the New Ark of the Covenant. She is at this point in time the prophetess of our age, and is leading her people into battle to defeat the dark ruler of this world. The battle is so ferocious against her, because it is her appointed role by the Most Holy Trinity to step on the head of the serpent.

Mari Loli, one of the four young visionaries of Garabandal, had been living for many years in Haverhill, Massachusetts as a mother and wife. She died in April 2009. Those following the messages of Garabandal know that the promises and prophecies made to the four young visionaries in the early 1960’s are of “biblical proportions.” What is promised is a Warning. Other phrases to describe it are an Illumination of Conscience, a Life Review, a Judgment in Miniature, or seeing the state of your soul as God would view you at judgment. Everyone in the world will experience this at the exact same moment. ALL people who have ever experienced something like this say without reservation, that it is the single defining moment in their lives. Often for years they are unable to find the words to describe the experience. After The Warning will be a Great Miracle at Garabandal, then a Chastisement, and an Era of Peace.

There are no other apparitions of the Blessed Mother to the world that are playing out in the same fashion. Yet, at the moment, the prophecies are difficult to believe from a logical perspective. However, to the trained eye we are moving at lightning speed now to the spirit of the prophecy.

A favorite parlor game up until the Jubilee of the year 2000 was to guess the date of either the Warning/ Illumination of Conscience and The Great Miracle. However, here we are in the year 2018 and no Warning or Miracle. God writes straight with crooked lines. I have found that those who continually try to predict a date are universally wrong. Often it is pride speaking with one trying to show the world how tuned in with God they are. As the saying goes, those who know don’t tell, and those who tell don’t know.

At the time of the Great Miracle, it was prophesied that people would nearly all fall away in belief about Garabandal. Conchita is supposed to be alive at the time of the events, and she is at the time of this writing 69 years old. As we watch events in the church and the world spiral out of control, heaven will respond in kind to the evil in the world. Where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more. 

Jesus, I Trust In You