Vicka: Our Lady appeared recently in Loreto “and walked in the middle of the room” The little known story of Mary’s home miraculously moved by Angels

Some time ago, Vicka went with a dozen friends to the Mariano Sanctuary of Loreto, where “privately”, at about 2 pm when the basilica was almost deserted, she was able to pray for a long time in what is considered “the House of Mary”. Nazareth “transported by angels from Nazareth in Italy.

One of her friends, Gemma, had Vicka in front of her and noticed that during the prayer, Vicka turned her head to the right and left and moved in a completely unusual way, always smiling.

Amazed by this  Gemma asked her, leaving the house, ” Why did you turn your head like that ?”  Vicka:  “Because the Gospa came  and I followed her with my eyes. She walked in the middle of the room “. ” Ah , that’s it , Gemma observed, was she moving among us? ” Yes, ” answered Vicka! She is her home! 

We truly live in a  time of grace! What a beauty to discover our Mother of Heaven so close and so tender, so normal, so human and so divine at the same time! If we do not yet have the happiness of seeing it with our own eyes, we can already enjoy bliss: ” Blessed are those who believe without having seen! 

According to popular tradition and some written chronicles, the house where the Blessed Virgin Mary was born miraculously arrived from Nazareth on 10 May 1291 in Trsat , a place overlooking the city of Rijeka (formerly Italian Fiume) in Croatia .


In that place, the house was miraculously, taken (by the angels)  to the town of Loreto on December 10, 1294, where it is currently located. Read more here 

The event so impressed the local people that they immediately began to visit the Trsat hill. The Croatian Prince Ivan Frankopan ordered the construction of the chapel in Trsat and his son Martin built the Franciscan Monastery on the spot together with the church dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Since Trsat, in 1294, no longer had the birth house of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Pope
Urban V , in 1367, sent to Trsat the miraculous picture of Mary to be revered in place of the birthplace.


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