Vicka Has Advice for the Soul that will make you smile in the morning then bring a nice sleep at the end of the day. Learn from the one who talks to Heaven

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We begin our day with the prayer Father Livio: But there are some people who wake up in the morning and immediately think about the problems, the anguishes and the worries of life. Does not all of this take away peace?



It takes away because they put their problems first. But Our Lady says: “Remove from your mind the problems and all those things that disturb you and open your heart to the grace of God”. If you wake up in the morning when you wake up thinking about this and that, then where did you put God?Our Lady wants that in the morning, when we wake up, we immediately put God first in our mind and heart. We must begin the day with a prayer, for example, a Hail Mary. If I begin the day with only one Hail Mary, but recited with the heart, the day begins with joy and blessing. If instead, you turn to your problems and your worries, peace does not come, because you do not seek it. 

We present our problems to God Father Livio: However, the problems are there and they attack us. For example, one does not have health, does not work, is worried about the family, about the future …


But these things we must present all of them to God. Regarding suffering in particular, Our Lady says that when God gives suffering or a cross, these are very great gifts of his love. He knows why he gives and knows when he takes them off, we just have to say: “I thank you for this gift and if you still have something to give me, I am ready to welcome him, but at this moment I ask you the strength and courage of to move on”. Our Lady says that very few today are ready to accept the gift of suffering. When God sends a cross, we immediately complain, saying: “But why me?”


Suffering is a gift Father Livio: There are very few people who think that suffering is a gift. Most think it is a misfortune. Vicka: It’s not a misfortune. I say right now with all my heart that this is truly a great gift. I affirm it for my personal experience, because I have proved it to be a gift. To God I say: «You know that I am willing to help you. Choose the way. I can also stay in sick bed.Do what you want ». I am always ready to accept what God sends me because I know they are very great gifts. Father Livio: Why are they gifts? Vicka:

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They are gifts because God sends you suffering to help him in the realization of his plans, to help your brother or your neighbor. God gives these gifts because he knows who he wants to help. Father Livio: We know, Vicka, that you have had so many trials. Has no one taken away your peace? Vicka:None. For me it was a beautiful experience. When I feel that with suffering I can help Our Lady, I accept it willingly and I am willing to do anything to help her. What takes away peace from people Father Livio: What is it that takes away peace? What is it that makes people lose their peace? Vicka:



People today live in a stressed way, worried about so many things that do not really matter. Everyone is in a hurry and they do not have time for each other.For example, parents do not have time for children and children for their parents. Everyone lives his life and so when they realize that they have lost peace it is already too late. One who has true peace, does not lose it so easily.But one who does not have it, then he must begin to find time for his soul and to talk a little with God face to face. We must present to God those things that hurt the heart. Then God frees you from what makes you restless and gives you his peace. You can not have peace until you open yourself to God

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Is it possible... That there exists a Catholic mystery that holds the secret of America's future and that God is sending America a prophetic message of what is yet to come through his Messenger the Mother of Christ?

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