Medjugorje -The words that shake us – a message not to forget: “People who commit grave sins live in Hell while here on earth and continue this Hell in eternity.”


Message of the Queen of Peace (Medjugorje, 25 July 1982) 

Concerning Hell: “Today many persons go to Hell. God allows His children to suffer in Hell due to the fact that they have committed grave, unpardonable sins. Those who are in Hell no longer have a chance to know a lot better.” Other answers from Our Lady state that people who commit grave sins live in Hell while here on earth and continue this Hell in eternity. They actually go to Hell because they chose it in life and at the moment of death. And they curse God even more than they did before, when they were on earth. They become part of hell and do not want to be freed from that place.


Message of the Queen of Peace (Medjugorje, 24 July 1982) At the moment of death, the earth is left in full consciousness: what we have now. At the moment of death one is aware of the separation of the soul from the body. It is wrong to teach people who are reborn more than once and that the soul passes into different bodies.


It is born only once and after death the body decomposes and will not live again. Each man will then receive a transfigured body. Even those who have done very badly during their earthly life can go straight to Heaven if at the end of life they sincerely repent of their sins, they confess and communicate.


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