Prayer Request: Priest Shares Heavy Burden …Scandals Taking Toll .. Asks For Prayers ..Like Never Before, Keep Our Shepherds in Your Prays

By Fr Peter Zorjan

Prayer request:

Interesting day back home today to say the least… I have always been a believer that every priest needs to get in a confessional line like the laity do every once in a while (I go weekly to confession, but usually just call a priest and stop by their rectory for reconciliation)…today I stopped by a local parish and went to confession to a priest I didn’t know…he began to tell me how hard these scandals have affected him even though I was the one confessing and then spent time venting how hard his ministry was at that parish….he then proceeded to tell me that he doesn’t believe in doing penance or making the faithful do penance so he said that he would just give me absolution and then I could go home…I talked with him about things and convinced him to give me a penance, and then promised to pray for him…

Later on I got to spend time catching up with another brother priest from the Archdiocese of Chicago and he told me how hard these scandals have affected him and his current ministry as well…

I ask all of you to please pray for both of these priests as they could use them right now…

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