The blessing of the Blessed Sacrament that stopped the tsunami.

Thanks to the faith of a parish priest and his people a tsunami was stopped

The 2010 tsunami , which hit the coast of Chile after an earthquake caused by the movement of continental and oceanic plates, is a type of event that has been repeated for centuries in various places on the planet.


A few decades ago, in the small island of Tumaco (Colombia), what happened to a tsunami taught its inhabitants that God, present in the Blessed Sacrament, acts when his priests and faithful invoke him with love and faith .

The event occurred on January 31, 1906. At ten o’clock in the morning, the inhabitants of this small Pacific island felt a strong earthquake, which lasted about 10 minutes . Then all the people ran to the church to ask the parish priest, Father Gerardo Larrondo, and Father Julián to immediately organize a procession with the Blessed Sacrament.

Meanwhile, the sea continued to retreat, threatening an immense wave. Gerardo, frightened, consumed all the consecrated hosts of the pyx and conserved only the great Host.

Then, turning to the people, he exclaimed: “Come, my children, let us all go to the beach, and let God have mercy on us!”

Feeling sure of the presence of Jesus the Eucharist , everyone walked, with tears and acclamations to God. When Father Larrondo arrived at the beach, he boldly went to the bank with the Most Holy in his hands.

most holy sacrament

The moment the wave was coming, he lifted the consecrated host, with a steady hand and a heart full of faith, and in front of all he traced the sign of the cross. It was a moment of solemnity.

The wave continued to advance, but before Father Larrondo and Father Julián could perceive what was happening, the people, moved and amazed, shouted: “Miracle! Miracle! “.

In fact, as if he had been stopped by an invisible force superior to nature, the powerful wave that threatened to wipe out the island of Tumaco had begun its retreat while the sea returned to its normal level.

The inhabitants of Tumaco, between the euphoria and the joy of being saved from death thanks to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament , expressed their gratitude. The miracle of Tumaco is known all over the world and even Father Larrondo received numerous letters from the continent from people asking for his prayers.

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