Goosebumps and tears – and a desperate need for a miracle. The incredible story of Meghan at Medjugorje.

Young woman rekindles faith in Medjugorje

Aside from making movies like Apparition Hill and Where There is Darkness, the Stella Mar Films team leads pilgrimages to Medjugorje (see our 2019 trips).

Mirjana's Apparition in MedjugorjeOur most recent pilgrimage coincided with visionary Mirjana Soldo’s October 2nd apparition. As usual, we documented the experience in high-definition video and edited a short mini-documentary, which is now freely available for anyone to watch online (see it below).

Nearly everyone who was present during the apparition noticed the young lady kneeling beside Mirjana. There was something special about her…

Earlier that week, Mirjana had noticed it, too.

The young lady’s name is Meghan. A 31-year-old resident of New Orleans, Louisiana, she joined our pilgrimage after reading Mirjana’s auto-biography, My Heart Will Triumph.

The groups who come to Medjugorje with us stay at the guesthouse run by Mirjana and her family, which allows our pilgrims to get to know Mirjana, talk to her, and ask questions.

Throughout the week leading up to October 2nd, Meghan and Mirjana formed a bond. When Mirjana found out why Meghan had come to Medjugorje, she asked her to be next to her during the apparition.

We interviewed Meghan after the apparition and put together this short video about her beautiful experience in Medjugorje…

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One thought on “Goosebumps and tears – and a desperate need for a miracle. The incredible story of Meghan at Medjugorje.

  • October 6, 2018 at 6:45 pm

    Meghan, I am praying for you. Let us all pray for this young woman (and all like her). Miracles can happen through the internet online too.


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