Powerful Prayer and a Blessing Against thunderstorms and storms!

Francesco Frigida 

Today we have forgotten that prayer takes away dangers, diseases, bad weather and storms. In ancient times, our grandparents, to prevent bad weather, lighted the candle Candlemas blessed and recited prayers to remove lightning and storms.




This prayer and very powerful blessing against storms and storms is very old, for each cross the sign of the cross is made.

The Lord Jesus Christ, the king of glory came in peace † God became man † and the word became flesh † Christ was born of the Virgin † Christ suffered † Christ was crucified † Christ died † Christ has risen from death † Christ ascended into heaven † Christ wins † Christ reigns † Christ dominates † Christ protects us from all lightning and thunder † Christ passed through them in peace † and the word became flesh † Christ is with us Mary † flee evil spirits, because the lion of the lineage of Judah, of the stock of David, has won † God holy † Strong God † Immortal God † have mercy on us!

This is the origin of this prayer

In Portugal, on a mountain not far from Lisbon, there is a convent, where a miraculous picture of Our Lady of the Clouds is revered.

The priests had decided to abandon the church because they no longer knew how to save themselves from damage, fires, etc. that damaged the building for years by bringing death to some fathers. The church had become too dangerous.

One day the snow fell hard and a religious man, a pilgrim, knocked at the door asking to visit the church.

He learned the intentions of the priests  of wanting to leave the convent, and the pilgrim advised the priests not to do so, but rather told them to recite the prayer that he delivered them written on a sheet of paper

He assured the priests that all the ailments would cease with the prayer.

The superior wanted to invite the pilgrim to lunch, but he suddenly disappeared without a trace.

Convinced that he had been an angel sent from heaven to their aid, the priests followed the pilgrims advice and no longer suffered any harm.

This prayer reached Rome and the Pope had it printed officially recognizing it.


Prayer in San Giovanni

In Salento, prayer was very widespread in San Giovanni:

Get up, St. John, do not sleep, 
that I’m seeing three clouds come: 
one of water, one of wind and one of bad weather. 
“Where do we bring this bad weather?” 
“Under a dark cave, 
where he does not sing rooster, and where 
the moon is not shining, 
so that he does not do harm 
to me and to no other creature “.

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A few kilometers from San Giorgio, in the town of San Marzano di San Giuseppe , we conserve some of the blessed bread from the famous “tables of San Giuseppe” and scatter a few crumbs in the direction of the cardinal points to remove the storms.

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