5 Points to Ponder: A Remarkable Message Given to Medjugorje Visionary on the Mysterious Date of March 18…Cause for Concern?

“Your battle is difficult. IT WILL BE EVEN MORE DIFFICULT.” March 18, 2018  Message

Over the years Medjugorje visionary, Mirjana, has spoken of the importance of the date March 18. Medjugorje observers play close attention to the annual message that is given on that date. This year, Our Lady tells the world that upcoming events may soon prove to be a challenge for humanity. The Blessed Mother says: “Your battle is difficult. IT WILL BE EVEN MORE DIFFICULT.” (read full message at end of this article.)

One thing is clear Mirjana has recently been willing to make references to the so-called “Secrets” and she hints that they may not be too far off. Here are 5 points to ponder as we try to understand the meaning of this year’s March 18th special message.

1. “Our Lady told me many things that I cannot yet reveal. I can only hint at what the future holds, but I do see indications that the events are already in motion”.  Mirjana was been clear, active, and transparent about the importance of the date March 18. In her best selling book “My Heart Will Triumph” she she says:  “Only when the things contained in the secrets start to happen will the world understand why Our Lady chose March 18. The significance of the date will be clear, why every second of the month, why Wednesdays and Fridays are days of fasting, everything will be clear.”

2.  “Now is the time to tell my story”. When Mirjana launched her book less than two years ago, she made the statement that it was important to get her story out “Now” presumably without further delay.  Her statement seemed to point to a time in the near future when world events would encounter spiritually significant events.


3.  Mirjana made a statement that created a lot of interest last year. She said: “I can not divulge much about the secrets but I can say this…Our Lady is planning on changing the world. She did not come to announce our destruction; she came to save us and with her Son she will triumph over evil. 

4. Mirjana knows the exact date of when the secrets unfold. Our Lady spoke about the secrets, clarifying the details of how everything would unfold and preparing me for my role.  Then on September 13, 1984, she appeared again and told me the date on which I must give details of the first secrets to the priest. This new knowledge eased my distress and gave me strength.  from excerpt  of “My Heart Will Triumph”.

 5. ‘The secrets contain many blessing but chastisements  for the world as well.”   None of the seers have revealed the other Medjugorje secrets. It has been said that the secrets contain blessings as well as chastisements for the world.  The visionaries warn, that despite Our Lady’s call for prayer, they say that no amount of prayer, or fasting can prevent the secrets from unfolding.  The secrets will be reveled to the world in the following manner.
“Ten days before the first secret, Mirjana will reveal what is about to happen to Franciscan priest Father Petar Ljubicic of Medjugorje.  “Father Petar Ljubicic will then fast and pray for seven days. Then, three days before the event, Father Petar will make a public announcement as to what is to happen and where. 

MARCH 18 2018 Message to Mirjana


“Dear children! My earthly life was simple. I loved and I rejoiced in small things. I loved life – the gift from God – even though pain and sufferings pierced my heart. My children, I had the strength of faith and boundless trust in God’s love. All those who have the strength of faith are stronger. Faith makes you live according to what is good and then the light of God’s love always comes at the desired moment. That is the strength which sustains in pain and suffering. My children, pray for the strength of faith, trust in the Heavenly Father, and do not be afraid. Know that not a single creature who belongs to God will be lost but will live forever. Every pain has its end and then life in freedom begins there where all of my children come – where everything is returned. My children, your battle is difficult. It will be even more difficult, but follow my example. Pray for the strength of faith; trust in the love of the Heavenly Father. I am with you. I am manifesting myself to you. I am encouraging you. With immeasurable motherly love I am caressing your souls. Thank you.”

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