Medjugorje, Our Lady warns: “Satan is ready for the battle at Christmas” Remember these remedies for your protection.

Jelena Vasili , one of the two little girls chosen by Our Lady to receive the inner locutions (a phenomenon that allows you to listen inwardly to the thought of the Celestial Mother), told of when the Queen of Peace warned her about the work of satan during the Christmas festivities, a period in which his activity becomes more intense because he is more pleased to steal souls from God in the period in which his son’s birth occurs on earth: “Be careful, he will try in every way to prevent you from living the joys of Christmas. He will try to make you indifferent to Jesus who is born “.

In short, Satan will work so that our hearts are far from Jesus who is born and our minds distracted by other thoughts, exactly what has happened for some time with the arrival of globalized consumerism that has made the Christmas holidays nothing more than a moment in which to exchange some presents. On the same occasion, Our Lady has given Jelena the methods to counteract the work of satan during the Christmas holidays, methods that can not be valid if our heart is not willing to open up to Jesus : “Allow Jesus to carry out great works with you. The lock on your heart’s door is closed. Let him open it “.

If our heart is open to the work of Jesus, the first remedy against Satan is prayer , the most powerful weapon we have available: “I advise you to pray the Sacred Hearts every day for at least five minutes because they give you the divine love with whom you can love your enemies “. The second remedy is your love and the Madonna and derives directly from prayer and fasting, says Our Lady: “I give you the best of what I can give to anyone else: I give myself and my Son. Love. If you do not love you can not communicate the testimony, you can not bear witness either for Me or for Jesus “.

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  • December 25, 2018 at 3:59 pm

    Hail holy queen mother of mercy hear our prayer amen 🙏

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