Sad Times in USA …Medjugorje: When Mirjana had the courage to ask Our Lady about abortion

Mirjana: “I cannot say that I was totally shocked, but to a certain extent I was, because I couldn’t understand that a woman could kill an innocent child within herself, speak calmly and then go a concert in the evening.”H

Horror in the State of New York – Expands access to abortion – lights up skyscraper with pink lights in Manhatten

Mirjana: I wouldn’t like to judge anyone; never. Why a woman had an abortion and what life experience she was going through at that time, only she knows. Generally, I don’t like judgments. I don’t like judging anyone, because I don’t know what goes through the mind of a person and why he has done something. When I was in Sarajevo and went to the high school that I talked to you about, which gathered all those who had been expelled from other schools, many girls had an abortion very easily. Then they came to school in the afternoon and spoke, and were at the concert which was held in the evening. To me it was unthinkable! I was very sad about that situation. I cannot say that I was totally shocked, but to a certain extent I was, because I couldn’t understand that a woman could kill an innocent child within herself, speak calmly and then go a concert in the evening. 

Once I plucked up my courage and, during an apparition, I asked Our Lady why these children could not go to Heaven; why they had to suffer and be killed if they were innocent. They hadn’t chosen it. I said all sorts of things. Then Our Lady said to me maternally and seriously: “No, these children are with me. There is no limbo. They are with me. Their parents will have to account for their sin of abortion.” That’s what Our Lady told me. Here in Medjugorje, I had the opportunity to meet women who had an abortion and the majority of them  I’d say 95 percent of them  repented. They regretted what they did. It is a sincere regret which really comes from their heart. These women are broken. I always recommend that they be honest in their confession, go to a priest, kneel down before God and express their regret. I think that afterwards they all feel better or at least that is what they have told me.

Certain women say it’s their body, so they have a right to decide whatever they want about it.

Mirjana: I don’t agree with that. Of course I wouldn’t say I’m right. This is just how I see, but I disagree. If another life grows in my body, I can not say that that’s my body and that I have a right to decide whatever I want about it. It’s someone else’s life. God created a new man or a new woman. You cannot decide that the child will not live. God created it in your body, but not for you to represent God and decide whether it will live or not.

Do you think God forgives such a sin?

Mirjana: I cannot say whether or not God will forgive it; only God knows. However, we know that Jesus said that what the priest forgives us, will be forgiven. I believe in what He says. Seeing God as a Father, as our Heavenly Father, if you present yourself before Him kneeling and crying from your heart for the sin that you have committed and the remorse you feel, I don’t think that a priest will turn his back on you. I don’t think so.

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3 thoughts on “Sad Times in USA …Medjugorje: When Mirjana had the courage to ask Our Lady about abortion

  • January 26, 2019 at 4:54 pm

    Our Lady would never contradict Catholic dogma. The CDF has reconfirmed the dogma of Limbo a few years go because of the post VCII confusion.
    So that answer was misunderstood or it is a lie.
    But, temember God is always merciful always just. Pray for their little souls. Some priests will do s special baptism for miscarried and aborted children. Mary may visit them there perhaps Jesus does too. If they are to be in heaven then Mary wil lead them there.
    It is not God who puts them there it is the selfishness of human beings. Abortion has real costs. People need to get that.
    U can read up the commentary on Limbo. It can be found in Church docs. Maybe online

    • January 30, 2019 at 4:58 am

      How would you know were you there? Perhaps Our Blessed Mother is teaching the world the real purpose of Jesus’s mission which is that of love. When Jesus lived on earth and preached for three years, He taught and preached a new religion that which was in contradiction to many of the teachings of his own Jewish faith. God wanted Him to preach love and forgiveness. If you strictly go by Catholic dogma as the high priests went strictly by their Jewish teachings then you are not seeing the message that God wants us to see for the future which is God’s love for us and that is something that we desperately need now. It would make no sense for a baby’s soul to go to Purgatory when we have a loving and merciful God. God wants us to take off our blinders and think outside the box.

  • January 27, 2019 at 10:49 am

    #lightitupblue. In peaceful protest and opposition to this horrific new law, please put a blue spotlight on our Catholic Churches, organizations and the faithful, please put a blue spotlight on your house. Please stand with our Blessed Mother. That pink spire on the Empire State Building does not represent my stance or views as a Catholic woman.

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