Medjugorje: Please, tell us more!…“Have you already seen the sign? Vicka: “Yes, I saw it in a vision and it will remain forever”.

The following is part of Padre Livio’s interview with Vicka on January 2, 2008 on Radio Maria:

Question: “I was really struck by what the Madonna said about the third secret, which concerns the sign on the mountain. You seers said that it will be a visible sign, an indestructible sign that comes from God. However, She also added, ‘Hurry and convert yourselves. When the promised sign on the hill will be given, it will be too late.’ Another time, She also said, ‘And even after I’ve left this sign on the hill which I have promised to you, many will not believe. They will come to the hill, they will kneel, but they won’t believe.’ Why is it, in your opinion, that people will see the sign, but they won’t convert?

Vicka: “The third secret is about a sign that She will leave here [Medjugorje] on the Mountain of the Apparitions. This sign will remain forever. It is given above all for those people who are still far away from God. The Madonna wishes to give these people who will see the sign a chance to believe in God. I was able to see this sign.

Question: “You have already seen the sign?

Vicka: “Yes, I saw it in a vision.

This sign will be indestructible and will remain in that place forever. She leaves this sign, a sign that no man can make; it is something only God can make and so nobody will be able say that it is a small thing or something else. This arrives in such a way that they won’t have words to say what it is.

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  • June 4, 2019 at 7:14 pm

    Vicka in 2001 about how many years there are more
    “And finally, I can add another detail: a friend who is a driver in Medjugorje has testified several times that he had asked a very specific question to Vicka. It was 2001, twenty years had passed since the beginning of the apparitions (1981) and the revelation of the secrets to the visionaries, when he asked her: “If you can not communicate the date of secrets, can you at least tell us with a football metaphor, where are we in the match?”. Then Vicka replied, “The second half has already started,”

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