One day during prayer, Marija was shown a vision of a flower but in each vision, the flower was in a different state. At first, it was beautiful, fresh, colorful and in the second vision the flower was withering and had lost its beauty. During the third vision, drops of water began to fall on the flower and immediately it regained its freshness, beauty, and radiance.

Marija didn’t understand the meaning of this vision, so during one of her apparitions, she asked Our Lady what it meant.

Our Lady smiled and said:

Your heart is like that flower. Every heart is beautiful because it is God’s creation, like the first flower.
When in sin the flower fades and the beauty dulls and it begins to droop like the second flower.
The water that fell on the third flower represents the Sacrament of Confession. With the Lord’s love and mercy in confession the soul is cleansed of its sins and it becomes radiant and regains its beauty and is revived again.

We thank you Lord for your mercy in the Sacrament of Reconciliation and we ask for your grace to be truly humble and contrite in confessing our sins. AMEN