Medjugorje Anniversary – June 25, 2019 – Our Lady reminds us why she came and is still with us: “The purpose of my appearances is that you are all with me in Heaven”…But warns that “satan exists, satan is strong”

Medjugorje is not a Christian sect, as some say. Medjugorje is the Church, it is the Church in movement.

(Later today the June 25, Monthly message will be posted)

Medjugorje is not only in the Church, but also for the Church. Our Lady does not come to found a new Church, but to help the Church of her Son Jesus to renew itself. Our Lady said here: “The purpose of my apparitions, dear children, is that you are happy here”, because Our Lady does not come here to deprive us of the joys of life. She wants us to be happy, and only with God can we be happy. She said: “The purpose of my appearances is that you are all with me in Heaven”. We still haven’t arrived in Heaven, here we are still in the desert like the Israelites: when they came out of Egypt they did not arrive immediately in the Promised Land. So we too, here on earth, live this desert, we are walking towards the Promised Land but here we also live the trials, the temptations. This is why Our Lady says: “Dear children, I have come to help you because you cannot do it alone”. You know well that the Israelites also opposed Moses saying: “In Egypt we had food, here in the desert there is nothing, there is insecurity”. Thus it may seem to us that what Our Lady tells us is not so comfortable, is not attractive, is not pleasant. 

When Our Lady says: “Pray with the heart” she does not tell us an easy thing, something that immediately pleases: we all know that it is easier to watch television, to do things that are comfortable, than like to pray. Our Lady does not tell us what we like here, but what we need for our good. The apparitions of the Madonna here in Medjugorje that have lasted for all these years are undoubtedly a sign of our time. A time in which we no longer know what is good, what is bad, what is on the right what is on the left … Our Lady is not afraid to tell us also that satan exists, and says: “satan is strong, dear children”. Satan works through wounds, works in our thoughts, in our imagination, puts confusion, wants to put discord especially in families, wants to destroy what is holy in each of us. But Our Lady also says: “Dear children, with the Rosary in your hand you will win Satan. Consecrate yourselves to my Immaculate Heart and to the Heart of my Son Jesus. Dear children, I wish to lead you to Jesus, abandon yourselves to Jesus, give him your whole life, your past, all the evil accumulated within you “. Our Lady here in Medjugorje is not an abstract being that comes from the clouds: she is a living Mother and there is no need to see her with her eyes.Certainly seeing the Madonna with the eyes is a gift and a grace that the visionaries have, but they always say: “we who see it are not privileged at all”. Our Lady can also be “seen” in prayer made with an open heart: one can know, experience, feel the beauty, the depth, the greatness of her love, of her Immaculate Heart that heals us and frees us, because it is not important to see Our Lady, it is important to open our hearts to Our Lady. One of the miracles here in Medjugorje is that the visionaries have remained normal people, because being a seer here in Medjugorje is not easy: it is not easy to be harassed by pilgrims with so many questions, so many requests. The visionaries are not people who perform miracles, they are not stars. Many think that the Madonna, in prayer, feels better the visionaries than we hear, but this is not true. The visionaries are just simple witnesses of what they saw and what they heard, nothing else. We must look at them like this. They too are invited, as I am invited (to the conversion), and they must strive every day, they must every day clash with their own weaknesses, with their own limits, with all that is human in them in order to become saints . It is not easy to become saints. Padre Pio said: “Whoever wants to become a saint must prepare himself for suffering”. This is why we do not become saints: because we do not want to suffer. Yet even suffering helps us to get to know God better, to know ourselves better.

Our Lady, here, as Mother, is a living Mother who has the heart, and this heart not only loves but also suffers. In fact he said: “Dear children, my heart feels pain for everyone who is far from my heart”.

Especially you who are parents, when your children do not listen, when they are on the wrong path, you also suffer more than them, because you love them. If you didn’t love them, there would be no suffering in you.

Many ask me how to help their children because they have moved away from the Church, from the Sacraments, from faith and parents suffer so much for this, but there is no “express” recipe for this. This is precisely what Our Lady does here: she indicates, advises, calls, prays, suffers: every message of hers is like a prayer addressed to me, to you. Our Lady not only invites us to pray but She herself, as Mother, prays and suffers when I am far away, when I am closed, when I am in sin, when I do not want to listen, I do not want to take seriously what the Mother gives me He says.

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  • My petition is that you, as the Mother of God, Mother of our Divine Lord and Savior, JESUS CHRIST, ask JESUS CHRIST, to please reign in the Golden years of Heaven on Earth, and for HIM along with you, Blessed Mother Mary, to Reign over us all here on this earth and to please transform this earth from the way it is now into Heaven on Earth and to rid this earth of all evil. rid this earth of Satan, his demons, his evil spirits and the fallen angels with him, and to rid this earth of all its pain and suffering. Please ask JESUS CHRIST to heal us all in every way. Thank you and We love you.

    • beautiful.. You are on your way to heaven

  • This is very good advice. Thank you blessed Mother Mary for praying for us and guiding us to our heavenly home!

  • Thank you for sharing this. I’m devoted to Our Lady in heaven with all my heart and pray that my family continues following me thru this journey. I’m with you Lord Jesus. Amen

  • i love mamma thank u for sharing this messages it is really heavenly messages

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