Prophecies? The tears of the Madonna on live TV

Source La Luce Di Maria

What are the messages of the Madonna appeared to Akita?

Also in Japan, precisely near the town of Akita, there were apparitions of the Madonna, officially recognized by the Church.

Prophecies Madonna tears

In 1988, the revelations of the Madonna of Akita were recognized as conforming to Catholic doctrine, by the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.

Madonna of Akita: messages and exudation

Our Lady had announced: “A greater punishment than the universal Flood of the times of Noah, which will be manifested through the fire of heaven, which will destroy most of humanity, both good and bad, without sparing the religious and the faithful.

The living will be so distressed as to envy the dead . The only weapons will be the Rosary and the sign of the cross “and also:” The Church will be full of those who accept compromises. The devil will push many consecrated to leave the service of the Lord and will be implacable especially against the souls consecrated to God “. It was 13 October 1973.

On 4 January 1974, the statue of the Madonna of Akita began to water blood and ooze a liquid. This was analyzed and it was discovered that it was a human secretion, referable to the blood of group 0 . That statue of the Madonna of Akita cried as many as 101 times, between 1974 and 1982. It also happened on live TV, in front of 115 million Japanese, just as a report was being made on that unexplainable prodigy.

We remember that the apparitions and messages of the Madonna of Akita were entrusted, from the sky, to Sister Agnese Katsuko Sasagawa, in the Convent of the Sisters “Serve dell’Eucarestia”. They began the morning of June 12, 1973, while in the chapel for a moment of Adoration. The Sister, suffering from an auditory handicap, saw a light coming from the Tabernacle and the thing was repeated even later.

Antonella Sanicanti