Medjugorje and the unsual “7 Always” — Our Lady Comes in the Rain November 2, 2019 with special Monthly message to Mirjana — with Video…

Our Lady Arrives at 9 minutes 58 seconds See video below

“Dear children, my beloved Son 1. always prayed and glorified the Heavenly Father. 2. He always said everything to Him and trusted in His will. This is what you, my children, should also do, because the Heavenly Father 3. always listens to His children. One heart in one heart – love, light and life. The Heavenly Father gave Himself through a human face, and this face is the face of my Son. You, apostles of my love, you should 4. always carry the face of my Son in your hearts and your thoughts. You should 5. always think of His love and His sacrifice. You should pray to 6. always feel His presence, because, apostles of my love, that is the way for you to help all those who do not know my Son, who have not come to know His love. My children, read the book of the Gospel. It is 7. always something new, it is what binds you to my Son who was born to bring the words of life to all of my children and to sacrifice Himself for all. Apostles of my love, carried by the love for my Son, bring love and peace to all of your brothers. Judge no one. Love everyone according to the love for my Son. In this way, you will also be caring for your soul, and it [your soul] is that what is most precious, which truly belongs to you. Thank you.”

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