Vicka on Purgatory: “With Medjugorje – the one who enters the school of love will not go purgatory!”

Source Sr. Emmanuel:

During the apparition” there was a lot of talk about the after-life and purgatory. You understand, they wait in great anguish” I didn’t want to ask for more of Vicka but these simple words said it all. 

Vicka: “For us who are on earth, knowing whether this or that of our relatives is still in purgatory or already in heaven is not the most important thing. The most important thing is to realize what a treasure the Gospa offers us on a silver platter, with her school of love in Medjugorje. The one who enters your school will not do purgatory! 

We don’t even talk about it! Our decision to become saints corresponds in full to God’s plans for our life, it is not pride as I have often heard.

The Gospa has filled her messages with sure means to go straight into heaven and the one who lives them already feels joy in her of heaven, not the joy that comes from human satisfaction when all is well, but the all-divine joy that remains even in trials.”

I like to quote these words of Mary to Jelena Vasilj in 1986: “If you abandon yourself to me, you will not notice the passage from this to the other life. You will begin to live the life of heaven on earth.” 

But our journey with Vicka is not over …

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