“I want everyone under my mantle”. Commentary on the message of January 2, 2020 – The touching words of Our Lady in the first message of the year from Medjugorje.

I feel your love. I hear your prayers and I bring them to my Son ” – The touching words of Our Lady in the first message of the year from Medjugorje.


Thus, this new decade opens from Medjugorje. An invitation to merciful, conscious love for others, the only way that leads to Christ

Medjugorje - Mirijana


Medjugorje: commentary on the message of January 2, 2020

Our Lady of Medjugorje still gives us the joy of commenting on her new message: the first of 2020. They are extraordinary words, rich in meaning and that deeply touch our heart and our sensitivity.


As always, the Virgin begins with dear children, words which she said warm up “Dear children, I know I am present in your lives and in your hearts”. This maternal presence makes itself felt and reminds us of the role of Mary; that of our lawyer, in fact she herself affirms: ” I hear your prayers and I bring them to my Son”. As at the wedding at Cana, Mary intervenes every day and invites Jesus to listen to our supplications. this is how the role of Our Lady to be Christopher (bearer of Christ and to Christ) can be seen.

Mary’s protective coat is for everyone

She, from Medjugorje, wants to welcome everyone as children, even the most distant from God, she wants to put us all under the powerful protection of her mantle . Mary invites us to help her in the work of bringing all her scattered children closer to God, that is why she calls us Apostles of her love. “ I wish to gather all my children around me, under my maternal mantle. This is why I call you apostles of my love and I ask you to help me ”.

Jesus is the true light of the world and Mary reminds us that He, the Christ wishes our continuous improvement in the journey of faith, living His merciful love made of prayers and sacrifice but above all of mercy towards our brothers. ” My children, give my Son love of neighbor, give words of consolation, compassion and sayings of goodness to neighbor”.

Medjugorje let us help you

Medjugorje: love for others, this matters

What matters most is love of neighbor made of words of consolation and concrete gestures, because everything we do for them Jesus welcomes him as a personal gift. Mary supports us and encourages us to stand beside her with her maternal love which like a light illuminates our journey in search of eternal peace and happiness. ” Everything you give to your neighbor, apostles of my love, my Son welcomes him as a gift and I am with you, because my Son wants my love, as a beam of light, to revive souls to help you in the search for peace and of eternal happiness “Love each other, be united in my Son

We must therefore have no fear of calling God the Father, we are His children but we must demonstrate it in practice , opening our heart to his love and living as true children of light. ” For this, my children, love each other, be united in my Son, be children of the Lord, all together with open and pure hearts pronounce the Our Father and do not be afraid”.

Our Lady concludes her message with the words “do not be afraid thank you”.

January 2, 2020

“Dear children, I know that I am present in your lives and in your hearts. I feel your love, I hear your prayers and direct them to my Son. But, my children, according to motherly love, I desire to be in the lives of all of my children. I desire to gather all of my children around me, beneath my motherly mantle. This is why I am inviting you and calling you, apostles of my love, to help me. My children, my Son pronounced the words of the ‘Our Father’—Our Father, who are everywhere and in our hearts—because He desires to teach you to pray with words and feelings. He desires for you to always be better, to live merciful love which is prayer and limitless sacrifice for others. My children, give to my Son love for your neighbors, give words of consolation, compassion and works of righteousness to your neighbors. Everything that you give to others, apostles of my love, my Son accepts as a gift. I am also with you, because my Son desires for my love, as a ray of light, to bring your souls to life; for me to help you in the search for peace and eternal happiness. Therefore, my children, love one another, be united through my Son, be children of God who all together, with full, open and pure heart, pronounce the ‘Our Father’. And do not be afraid! Thank you.”

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