End of the world: Look for THESE signs of Antichrist’s imminent arrival says Bible scholar: “The Antichrist will deceive the world into following him.”

End of the world: The Antichrist will decieve the world into following him 

The Bible prophesies the Antichrist will appear in the end days to falsely declare himself the true Messiah. The Antichrist will attempt to supplant himself as a ruler of men before the rightful Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Warnings of the Antichrist’s arrival are found in the New Testament, including the Epistles of John.


In 1 John 2:22, for instance, the Bible describes the Antichrist as a liar who has denies Jesus Christ’s divinity.

A false Christ is also mentioned in the Gospel of Matthew, where Jesus warns his disciples not to fall prey to false prophets.

Jesus said: “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.”

Although no one knows when the Antichrist will rise, Professor Tom Meyer, a professor at Shasta Bible College & Graduate School in California, has told Express.co.uk the sequence of events from the Antichrist’s arrival to his clash with the returned Christ.

Professor Meyer said: “Even in the first century many Christians were shaken out of their wits and disturbed with the signs of the times.

“It is possible that false teachings and the intensity of the church’s persecution by Rome made some think that the end times had begun.

“Perhaps a false prophecy to this effect was circulating in the churches, much in the same way that we today hear again and again that we belong to the terminal generation.

“Concerning their distress, the Apostle Paul thought it would be helpful to tell the early church in Thessalonica and, by application, the world today the sequence of events leading up to the Second Coming of Christ.”