Prayer to the Immaculate Heart of Mary…”Queen of Peace, Consoling Mother, Guardian of hearts, intercede for this planet and humanity,…”

Prayer to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Queen of Peace,
Consoling Mother,
Guardian of hearts,
intercede for this planet and humanity,
intercede for the Kingdoms of Nature.

Bring to each soul
the strength and the immensity of Your Love
so that, in this definitive time,
Your children will know what path to walk along
and thus find the way
to the Sacred Heart of Your Son.

Queen of Peace,
may Your Peace echo throughout the inner universe of each heart,
may all of humanity feel itself to be
in brotherhood among fellow beings.

May hate, adversity, injustice and the trafficking of people
cease to exist.

May hearts awaken
and again find the path toward God,
Our powerful Father.

Through faith, Mother of Peace,
may the whole world sow hope and inner healing
so that those who suffer may have the Grace of being touched
by the maternal rays of Your Heart.

Allow us, Most Holy Lady,
to be ambassadors of Your Love and Your Peace.

May we be worthy of Your Supreme Grace.

May all lives be rebuilt
so that reconciliation may be established
and forgiveness may bring
the end of discord and indifference to everyone.

May each child of Yours recover the faith
that they need to continue onward
until, like birds of light,
we know how to someday return
to the Dwellings of the Celestial Father.

Queen of Peace,
Mother of Hope,
immeasurable Love,
prepare us, now and always,
for the awaited Return of Christ.


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