New Message to Gisella Cardia from Apparition…”The times that will come will be terrible: the justice of God will thunder when you least expect it…Look at the churches—they are empty and the flock is confused”

Our Lady to Gisella Cardia on August 3rd, 2020:
Dear children, thank you for having answered my call in your hearts, and thank you for being here united in prayer. My children, I have asked you many times to stand ready, but if I look at you, you are not ready yet. My children, please do not waste any more time looking at the things of the world, because it is not there that you will find the truth, but in the Word of God and in prayer, where you will find everything you need. My children, the times that will come will be terrible: the justice of God will thunder when you least expect it. I ask for your conversion. Look at the churches—they are empty and the flock is confused because many priests have walked away from the Gospel. Help them to preach with courage. You are my sons and daughters, my little children, and I want you all to be safe. Do not be afraid: I am close to each one of you. Now my blessing will descend upon you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen. Your mother.
Finally Our Lady said that many graces will come down from Heaven upon those present today, and she asks for testimony so that all might know that her presence in this place is real.

Apparitions in Trevignano Romano, Italy

The alleged Marian apparitions in Trevignano Romano in Italy to Gisella Cardia are relatively new. They began in 2016 following her visit to Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and purchase of a statuette of Our Lady, which subsequently began to weep blood. The apparitions have already been the subject of an Italian national TV broadcast during which the seer behaved with remarkable calm in the face of some heated criticism from panelists in the studio toward her and two books. A Nihil obstat was recently granted by an Archbishop for the Polish translation of the second of these, In Cammino con Maria (“On the way with Mary”) published by Edizioni Segno, containing the story of the apparitions and the associated messages up until 2018. While such a foreign Nihil obstat does not, on its own, constitute in situ diocesan approval of the apparitions, it is certainly not insignificant. And the local Bishop of Civita Castellana appears to have been quietly supportive of Gisella Carda, having given access early on to a chapel for the overwhelming influx vision.

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