The devotion of September: THE ANGELS – Consecrate yourself today to your Guardian Angel and protect your life in difficulties. Here is how…

Most benign angel, my guardian, tutor and teacher, my guide and defense, my very wise advisor and most faithful friend, I have been recommended to you, for the goodness of the Lord, from the day I was born until the last hour of my life.

The devotion of September: the angels.
The devotion of September: the angels.

How much reverence I owe, knowing that you are everywhere and always near me! With how much gratitude I have to thank you for the love you have for me, what and how much confidence to know you are my assistant and defender! Teach me, Holy Angel, correct me, protect me, guard me and guide me on the right and safe path to the Holy City of God. Do not allow me to do things that offend your holiness and purity. Present my desires to the Lord, offer him my prayers, show him my miseries and ask for their remedy from his infinite goodness and from the maternal intercession of Mary Most Holy, your Queen. Watch when I sleep, support me when I’m tired, support me when I’m about to fall, lift me up when I’ve fallen, show me the way when I’m lost, cheer me up when I lose heart, enlighten me when I don’t see,defend me when I am fought and especially in the last day of my life, be my shield against the devil.

By the grace of your defense and your guidance, obtain for me finally to enter your glorious abode, where for all eternity I can express my gratitude and glorify with you the Lord and the Virgin Mary, your and my Queen. Amen.

So you can be supported by your Guardian Angel
So you can be supported by your Guardian Angel


Holy Guardian Angel,

since the beginning of my life

you have been given to me as protector and companion.

Here, in the presence

of my Lord and my God,

of my heavenly Mother Mary

and all the angels and saints

I   (name)  poor sinner

I want to consecrate myself to you.

I promise to always be faithful

and obedient to God and to the holy Mother Church.

I promise to always be devoted to Mary,

my Lady, Queen and Mother, and to take it

as a model of my life.

I promise to be devoted to you too,

my patron saint and to propagate according to my strength

the devotion to the holy angels that is granted to us

these days as a garrison and aid

in the spiritual struggle

for the conquest of the Kingdom of God.

Please, holy angel, grant me

all the strength of divine love so that

is inflamed by it, and all the strength of faith

so that he never falls into error again.

Let your hand defend me from the enemy.

I ask you for the grace of Mary’s humility

to escape all dangers and,

guided by you, reach into heaven

the entrance to the Father’s House.



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