New message from “Our Lady of the Tear of Joy” Hidden graces: “Blessings come down upon you that you cannot feel, but these are true Graces and Blessings from My Son and I.”

The following messages was allegedly given by Our Lady to an anonymous locutionist on September 23rd, 2020 on the miracle image (photo) of “Our Lady of the Tear of Joy.”  This message has been approved to be posted by the spiritual director of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy.

Message: “The coolness of the breeze My precious little ones, when you feel the breeze touching your skin, you say, this breeze feels beautiful.  My precious little ones, just as the breeze touches your skin, when you call out to Me, I flee to My Son and Graces and Blessings come down upon you that you cannot feel, but these are true Graces and Blessings from My Son and I, to guide you, to lead you closer in doing the Will of My Son.  Call out to Me My precious little ones and these true Graces and Blessings will come down upon you.  I love you and I Bless you in My Son’s name”


The Story 

He just took a picture, turned around and gave me one of the pictures saying, “This is yours.”  I watched the image appear of Our Blessed Mother’s face, and there was no doubt who She was when I saw Her face appear in the photo.  There were NO images or photos of Our Blessed Mother on any of the balloons, nor trees, nor anywhere.


I took the image home and placed Her in an envelope so She would not get scratched or damaged.  Approximately two weeks later, I went to a prayer group in Windsor Canada, and it was here that evening that Our Lady gave Her first message.  In Her first message, Our Lady said, “This image of My tear is a Tear of Joy” (hence Tear of Joy), for all those who were present at the birthday party held in Her honor that September 8th day.  And the days that followed, Our Lady kept repeating the same message that it gives Her Joy, “Tears of Joy” when we pray to Her and we heal Her heart we when pray to Her and that She wants Her image known as “Our Lady of the Tear of Joy.”  Our Lady said, “Any copies made of My image must be Blessed by one of My Son’s priests and it will be a healing image”, meaning a Blessed copy placed upon somebody, will bring a physical healing (if it is Her Son’s Will) and spiritual conversion to anybody having Her image.

Over the course of the days that followed, I knew this beautiful image of Our Lady had to be under the direction of a Catholic Priest.  I prayed and prayed to Our Blessed Mother to guide me.  I was praying for 1 of 3 priests whom I knew, had special gifts and graces.  Everything in my path came back to a very Holy Priest, whom I knew had special gifts and graces.  He is known nationally, been on Catholic TV and radio and is the author of several books.  In fact, he prayed over me in October of 2013 and healed me of a condition I had for several years.  He does not want his name posted on Our Lady’s website, because he knows it is not about him, nor myself, but about Our Lady.  I met with him and he had heard about the image of Our Lady and everything that was occurring.  He prayed at his desk, lowering his head down for a long period of time and I knew he was praying for discernment about this mission.  He raised his head up and said to me, “I will be the spiritual director for this mission and your spiritual director.


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