New photo from Medjugorje is going viral – silhouette of the Madonna appears in the sky

source La Lucia di Maria

A photo from Medjugorje is making the rounds of the web

An evocative image comes from the skies of the small village in Bosnia …

THE VIRAL PHOTO – Browsing the web we found an article on that would report a very particular photo from Medjugorje: in the image you can clearly see the silhouette of the Madonna, in the form of a cloud, in the sky.

The photograph is made even more suggestive by the red colors of the sunset.

We do not know if it is a photo montage or if it is true.

There have been, there are and will be signs in Medjugorje.

But what always matters is the faith and conversion of this place of prayer.

Photo Medjugorje

Let’s recite this prayer to the Virgin Mary

O Mary Immaculate,
we have recourse to You with filial affection:
enlighten, guide,
save humanity redeemed by Christ,
your Son and our Brother!
Recall those who are far away,
convert sinners,
support the suffering,
help and comfort
those who already know and love you!

Great things about You are sung, O Mary,
because from You the Sun of justice was born,
Christ, our God!

This photo below was captured on tape by Mary TV

The Mystery: The two powerful prayers that Our Lady from Medjugorje brought to Earth from Heaven -“The flame of your heart. O Mary descend on all men.” Recite them on Good Friday


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