“Now the time is truly short.” New Message: September 12, 2020 Our Lady To Gisella Cardia… ..”This is the time of confusion, …I want to show you the exact way,”

Our Lady to Gisella Cardia September 12, 2020:

My children, thank you for being here in prayer. Dear children, now the time is truly short, but many do not realize how everything is falling down. I ask you to make more room for prayer: do not waste time on the things of the world. I can feel your hearts beating. My children, this is the time of confusion, especially of my favored sons (priests) who unfortunately no longer know the right way to recover souls that are being lost, but I want to show you the exact way, and it is that of the Gospel, the Word of God and the Ten Commandments. Only thus will you find peace and joy in your hearts. Now Jesus will touch you one by one through the Holy blessing: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen.

An Italian woman who claimed to be a visionary said the Blessed Virgin Mary has warned last year of a new disease that would come from China.

Gisella Cardia said the Virgin Mary told her in September 2019 about the new disease and to pray for China, “because new diseases will come from there.”

The Catholic News Service quoted Cardia as saying that Mary spoke about a “‘virus that would arrive from China.”

“It’s never long before what [Mary] says comes to pass,” said the woman.


Cardia claimed she has regularly received messages from Mary or Jesus since April 2016. The messages are published on the website of the Association of Our Lady of Trevegnano Romano.

The association, which is run by Cardia’s husband, Gianni, accepts donations for the maintenance of the field where the alleged apparitions occur.

Most of Cardia’s messages are about the coming of the end of times, predictions of earthquakes, pestilences, and wars.

“The messages are always asking for conversion and prayer. They are not different from those of Fatima or Lourdes or other places,” Cardia told the Catholic News Service.

The report said that Capuchin Father Flavio Ubodi, author of “I Will Dry Your Tears,” a compilation of the messages to Cardia, said that the issues of same-sex marriage and abortion are some of the present-day evils that humankind must repent.

The report quoted Bishop Romano Rossi of the Diocese of Civita Castellana, where Trevignano Romano is located, that verifying Cardia’s claims “needs time.”

Bishop Rossi said he is “in touch with my superiors in Rome about these things.”

Catholic Church’s approval on some visions, miracles, healings, or apparitions can take a long time or even more than 100 years before it can be judged as being “worthy of belief.”

The prelate said he is “studying the spirit of the messages” and that he is looking for “the proclamation of grace and not of judgment.”

Cardia claimed that her life has been transformed since the apparitions began. She said she stays at home all day and does not go to work anymore.

She said she “feels sorry” for the locals who are against her and rejected her claims.

Cardia, however, receives guests who believe in her as a “visionary” and seek guidance and implore her to deliver their personal message for the Virgin Mary.

Cardia claimed that the Virgin Mary said the low rates of COVID-19 infections in Italy are just a “momentary illusion,” adding that “everything will come back worse than before.”

Bishop Rossi said that someone who speaks about that kind of prediction has “a 50 percent chance of guessing correctly.”

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