Rare: Best Documentary on Fatima EVER – Better than new movie… Narrated by the incomparable Ricardo Montalban

Warning!!! After watching this, you may turn religious!!! It did me!!! This Inspiring documentary of Ricardo Montalban is what got me closer to God! Hearing his voice got me sucked into watching this documentary! This and watching the movie Fatima….And I’m glad it did! It lead to Medjugorje, which I went too, and had an amazing experience there. That was back in the early 90’s and I still believe what’s happening in Medjugorje, especially after the things I’ve seen over there, just the peace you feel from there, it was incredible!!!! Words can’t describe!!! Nothing will convince me that only good things are happening in Medjugorje, like Fatima, Fatima, changed my life! I believe everything they went through, every word in this video. Ricardo Montalban did a Great job in this!!! Enjoy!!!

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