“The Prophecy of Darkness” Over the Earth and then a Sign in the Sky – Fr. Mark Goring

I am a sinner, but I am asking, please everyone pay attention to what this priest is saying. I think this priest knows about ‘it’. Everyday is a blessing, a new day to repent and start with a hope of ‘meeting’ Jesus here and ‘AFTER’. In 2003, Blessed Mother said (as a statement), “Your Time is Short.” I found myself walking with Blessed Mother on my right(in a dream). Yes! We can be renewed at every moment. Never give up, no matter what you’ve done. To love Jesus, we only need to be honest with ourselves(able to acknowledge our goodness and sins). Always have hope in Jesus! HE is waiting to hear our story(anything).
This is a crucial exhortation that humanity needs to hear and respond to urgently!Time is of the essence now because Jesus Himself said that time is running out for ungrateful people who still refuse God’s call to conversion! Praying daily for lukewarm souls and the two billion lost souls and those who will not survive during the WARNING because they will be spewed out if they don’t repent and seek God’s mercy and forgiveness while there is still time!
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