At Fr. Gobbi’s Mass Our Lady Appears to Stunned Crowd… Amazing Photo


The remarkable image appears to show the shape of the Virgin Mary appearing towards the front of a packed crowd, as if being beamed in from a source up above. Researchers are investigating a mystery photo which has been said to show the Virgin Mary appearing before an amphitheatre full of worshipers.

It was taken at a mass held by a high-ranking Catholic priest who claimed to receive messages from the Madonna herself.

Yet the shape of Mary is a striking white in contrast to the yellowish light behind her.

The source claims the original snap was taken in 1994 during a huge Catholic mass called a cenacle given by Italian priest Father Stefano Gobbi at the Paolo Soleri Amphitheater, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.

The source of the image gave no other information than to mysteriously say it had been given to them by a stranger – who also went unnamed unnamed.

They wrote to the investigators: “A stranger gave me this photo. My first thought was the Virgin.”

CHECK OUT MYSTIC POST’S NEWS AGGREGATOR FOR THE LATEST BREAKING NEWS FROM AROUND THE WORLD: Click here to go to Mystic Post Report enquires have established that Father Gobbi died aged 80 on June 29 2011, but spent more than three decades holding special mass gatherings centring around the Virgin Mary.

In his liftime he “traveled the world holding Cenacles of Prayer on every continent”, according to an article on Father Gobbi by Colin Donovan, vice president for Theology, at the Global Catholic Network, on the organisations’s website.

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