Medjugorje and the “Red Book” – Is the Coronavirus a sign that the world has entered into the ‘Second period” The prelude to the purification?

Our Lady has said many times that since her arrival in 1981 the world has been receiving many graces and that this time has been a time for conversions. But Our Lady also says that the time of grace (without world-wide prayer) will someday come to an end, and the time of graces will be followed by  a “purification process” for all humanity because of sins in the world. As we look round today we see a divided country, we the desecration of Christian relics and symbols. the burning of churches, what was once good is now considered evil and what was once evil is now seen as good.  All of these events are taking place in the middle of the greatest world-wide pandemic in 100 years. Are these not all “Signs”? Has the “Second Period” – the purification already started? Did the second period begin on March 18, 2020 when Mirjana’s monthly apparitions ended? Mirjana warned for many years that March 18th would be a pivotal date.

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To understand this article from the “Red Book” on Medjugorje better, we must take a step back. They are clear words, spoken by the visionary Mirjana Soldo.  Like all things said about the Gospa, they cannot be erased, and they are an integral part of the mystery of Medjugorje.

During the apparition the priest saw Mirjana, lowering her head, she was very sad, with eyes full of tears. After the apparition he asked her: What was it? Why were you so sad?». Then she explained: “The Madonna made me see for the first time, as in a film, the unfolding of the first secret. It’s very hard and heavy. For this I am sad. The visionary says she has asked the Madonna: “if these things will come does it mean God has a hard heart. Our Lady replied: “God does not have a hard heart, but you have a hard heart: look around you how many sins there are and you will understand”.

Afterwards, I spoke with the visionary who repeats again: ‘This period is the period of graces when many graces are given, it is the period of conversion. The second period will be a very painful purification process that will be for all humanity and at the end this encounter with Jesus will come and the visible sign will appear.”

I asked the seer how she feels. On the one hand, she feels sad, and on the other hand, she emphasizes that we must be very happy, if we know what awaits us. This life has value, but in the face of eternal life, here on earth we are only passengers. 

The visionary emphasizes this aspect of the joy and hope that we must have looking at the future. 

As you know, Our Lady sends messages to all of us. Our Lady said precisely that every day we should be in holiness, obedience, God’s goodness, to make us more beautiful and more ready for the coming of the Lord. . 

The crisis. 

I would like to emphasize three points which should be three lights for us Christians. 

First of all: faith. We do not count on eternal life. To the extent that for us eternal life is not a reality, but it is something “it can be”, we are sad, we cannot live the feast of all the saints without this faith. 

If someone came to tell you: “I want to get rid of all your problems and I want to make you happy and blessed,” what would you do? Would you like this? Jesus presented himself like this. Have you reflected on what the poor means, blessed are the sad?Fortunately he did not say blessed are the rich, blessed are the powerful, blessed are those who feel well, in good health, but said blessed are you who are in crisis. It’s an incredible thing: why haven’t we Christians discovered this? Why don’t we practice it? Blessed are all of you who are in crisis, because the Kingdom of God belongs to you. 

This moment of crisis in all humanity is a very favorable moment for us Christians to discover God. It is indeed a grace to discover God. I truly tell you: blessed are you if you have suffering. But bless not you with suffering, but blessed are you if you discover God and eternal life in your sufferings.



Source: Medjugorje Red Book


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