Medjugorje. Sister Emmanuel: ‘After the dark, the Victory of the Immaculate Heart will come’….Our Lady with the visionaries is very clear: she is preparing a new time,”

Sister Emmanuel,  Is war coming?

I am not a prophetess, but I see that at the beginning of the apparitions Our Lady said that Satan will be defeated after the revelation of the secrets. So just look at reality: let’s see what happens in the world, we don’t need to have studied so much to see that we are at the point where evil is so active that it attacks the little ones in schools that they cannot avoid being poisoned: programs satanists, unclean, pornography. When I was 11 all this didn’t exist. We are facing a dizzying race for evil. This is a very telling sign of how far the fight has come.

But will there be an end?

Our Lady with the visionaries of Medjugorie was clear: she is preparing a new time, a time in which, when this wave of evil, darkness and confusion has passed, then the Victory of the Immaculate Heart will arrive.

During a conference she spoke about it: and in this last section the conflict is over the family …

Don’t you think we’re in it?

Every time I read about a new law it is a step towards the destruction of the plan that God has made for humanity. We all suffer from this situation: we are in full spiritual warfare between light and darkness. Do you see what happens? Divorce, betrayal, pornography, people naturally coexist, but it’s a grave sin and yet everyone does. The adulterers are now normalized and the little ones are martyrs. All this “kills” children, our little ones. But God is preparing a New Pentecost.

Explain to us …

A New Pentecost of love, the Servant of God, proclaimed by Pope Francis, Marthe Robin, tells us about it. It will not be like the first Pentecost, but it will concern all humanity: the Holy Spirit will descend on us and everyone will be able to see their soul as God sees it, you can also call it the enlightenment of consciences. And this enlightenment will be for everyone and it will be terrible for those who are in sin because they will see with horror what sin will be and will be tempted to despair. Seeing the horror of sin and the consequences it has caused, that sin will be unbearable suffering, but for those who are touched by God, it will be a wonderful grace. For this reason Our Lady has been repeating to us for 36 years: “Go to confession, abandon sin”.Instead, sin has become so widespread that we now think abortion is normal.

Today all sin becomes law. Yet God should also be the Lord of history.

There are people who even without realizing it become the tool of the destroyer to trample the laws of God. I tell you something that happened to me many years ago, in the 90s.

You are welcome.

Two sisters of my order and I were invited to participate in a television program which spoke of homosexuality. With us there was a very aggressive politician, against the Church and against morality. We explained the reasons for the faith and when we went out I could not believe my eyes.


That man approached us and looking into our eyes he said: “Thank you, because you three were the only ones to have told the truth.”

But sorry, why then …?

… That’s what I asked him: “Why then did he attack us so virulently?”

…And he…?

“Sister – he told me – I have to hold a role, millions of people looked at me and I had to say those things, but in my heart I knew that the truth is on your side”.

Sister Emmanuel Maillard
Sister Emmanuel Maillard

Today worse is happening: with the pretense of dialogue, certain truths do not seem to want to tell you even Catholics anymore.

Because we got the concept of dialogue wrong. We dialogue in a human way, too human, but in this way we waste time and play the enemy’s game. Prayer is much more effective. When I see all these energies put into this false dialogue, I invite us to pray more: because prayer is much more effective, with it we have the daily nourishment of the Word of God which allows us to shed light and makes us discover God’s plan, but if I go out into the street and begin to accept a dialogue, what can people answer me on God’s plan? Anything. So, I say: let’s go to the brothers to testify, to show the love we have for them, but not to listen to them.

In Medjugorie you meet a wounded and searching humanity. What do you see every day?

I see burdens to carry, requests, pleas. The first time they come to ask, but the second they come back to pray. This is very nice. Worship that takes place three days a week radiates true love and mercy. It feeds us and the faithful are attracted like bees to honey.

During the conference he insisted a lot on the sacrificial aspect of the Mass.

Today people don’t know what mass is. But in this way it is impossible to enter the mystery of God. It is Calvary and it is rejected. But even if it is rejected, this is the reality. If I don’t think the problem is mine, not the mass.

If you were to explain to someone who does not believe who Our Lady is, what would you say?

A mom. A mom who loves so much. Many today are hurt by the absence of their mother, by the absence of love. Many children suffer because they don’t have their mothers at home. To feel good in the world, a child must have his mother, his loving gaze. Who goes into crisis is because he doesn’t feel loved and precious for his mother.

Do you think these are Marian times?

Yes. She herself said: “This is my time”. And we see it from how it intervenes and from what graces flow in those who follow it.

But God is not on this earth, at least we are told more and more often. And the dialogue with him must remain confined to the private.

But if I don’t grow in faith, I make all humanity lower into sin. I think the lack of prayer explains the trap we have fallen into today. If you pray you see the hand of the Lord in everything, from food to work, you see Providence everywhere because you are with Him. The heart is inserted in a dialogue between friends who talk to each other. And this applies to everyone. How many times have I seen people who converted after 40 years. The grace of conversion gave them the possibility to realize how many times the hand of God protected them even when they were far away. Only conversion is able to allow a 360-degree re-reading of one’s life.

But this century has also been defined as the century without the sacred …

Natuzza Evolo said it. It is because we are too easily satisfied with earthly things. Our Lady in fact said: “Satan deviates you with materialism, modernism and selfishness, so you think that there is only the earth”.

What is a privileged way to discover the sacred, then?

Eucharistic prayer and adoration. God fills you and this presence is real, it nourishes you.

Imagine being St. Catherine of Siena and having to spur the ecclesiastical hierarchies …

I would repeat a phrase that Our Lady said to Bruno Cornacchiola (the seer of the Three Fountains ed.): “You know Bruno, my priests know many things about me, but they don’t know me”.

And how do you know Mary?

In prayer. In the seminaries you learn theology, but you don’t pray, you don’t learn devotion to Our Lady, the practice of Eucharistic Adoration, meditation on the mysteries of the Rosary. The things of the heart are not learned.

And this has repercussions …?

Certainly. A priest who has difficulty in confessing is because he does not listen to human hearts, but if he does not listen to the heart of Jesus, how can he listen to the hearts of his brothers?

What would you say instead to the families living this final struggle?

Not to get married because they are in love, but only if you have faith in common and a plan to live the divine union together. I often say to spouses that they must go back to believing that when they entered the church for the wedding there were two, but after the promises, three left the church. The problem is that that third party, who is the real spouse, is not among them.

Today we try to make up for this lack. It is thought that now the Church must also bless adulterous relationships.

All the answers are in the Gospel. To the woman at the well Jesus says: “You are right, this man is not your husband”. Therefore it is not a blessing from God. Whoever takes another wife is an adulterer, the Word of God cannot be changed, we can not listen to it but it remains. Yet many young people arrive at marriage after having had a thousand experiences.

But without knowing chastity. Don’t you think it’s a forbidden word today?

Instead it is a beautiful and indispensable word for understanding God’s order.

How do you see the activity that the pontifical envoy to Medjugorje Monsignor Hoser is carrying out?

Gorgeous. He also came to us in the community. He has seen the fruits of Medjugorje, he is happy to touch with his hand the work that Our Lady has done; According to him, it is a place of light, so much so that all journalists are invited to come to the foot of Podbrdo because there is light there.

When will we understand that the war is ending?

When we finally see consciences light up. Then it will be the sign that the Immaculate Heart is about to triumph.


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