Medjugorje, Testimony of Jelena Vasilj: “The angel I saw looked like a child about twelve years old”

In recent times Our Lady has cried a lot, especially over young people; because they have strayed so far from God. She said that Satan is very powerful and that he would like to destroy her plans; and that it is necessary to pray a lot. What struck me the most and also cheered me up is that I see the Virgin as my mother. I see Jesus as a friend, as a brother, and God as a father. They are so close to me, they help me a lot and give me so much joy. I was more pleased that God does not want me to distance myself from my friends; indeed, he wants our friendship to deepen, so that I can tell them who God is for me and show them with my prayer.

The voice I have heard is very difficult to describe, I cannot describe it. I can only say that it is different from the angel’s voice. For me, Our Lady is a mother and the angel perhaps a brother. I saw it together with the Mother of God and Jesus; they sang. In the appearance of the Krievac I have often seen six or seven angels. Angels, in some ways, are all the same, but this cannot be described. If I try, I can see them clearly in my mind, but when I start talking about them I can’t find the right words.


The Virgin showed me Jesus on the cross, and also the risen Jesus. But for me the thing is different than for the other visionaries: I see the Mother of God in a certain sense with the heart, and not with the eyes. First I always pray a lot, and then I see her when I close my eyes.

She is dressed completely in white and looks like a girl, a young woman. The veil and cloak are of one piece. She doesn’t wear a crown, but stars around his head, and her feet are wrapped in a cloud. She has a rosary in his left hand. She is often happy and cheerful, but often she cries; she’s been crying a lot lately.

The angel I saw looked like a child of about twelve; but sometimes the angel seems to be  only six or seven.

She also told me that she is very pleased that young people pray, and that it is not nice that they always leave the church immediately after Mass: they should stay there a little longer to thank the Lord.


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