Medjugorje: Here is the prophecy on the third secret before the apparitions began: ‘There will be a lake and boats – water will pour from Prodbro Hill …’

The prophecies of the water source in Medjugorje

There will be a lake here and our people will have boats and moor them to a large rock

(Source A person called me, balanced, healthy and serious, a friend and told me: “You know, I had a dream, I dreamed what is the visible sign to everyone that there will be on the Podbrodo mountain when the secrets will come. “

I replied “Oh yes? What would it be? “


Him: “ A spring, a spring of water that will flow from Mount Podbrodo. I dreamed that I was on Podbrodo and that a small spring of water came out of a small hole in the rocks. The water ran down the hill making its way between the earth and the stones until it reached the small shops at the entrance to the Podboro that slowly began to flood. At that time, many pilgrims together with the inhabitants of Medjugorje began to dig to divert the waterf rom the shops but from the source more and more water came out until it became a real stream. The mounds of earth dug by the people diverted the water onto the road that leads to the mountain and the water crossed the road and headed towards the plain leading to the church, and at the edges there was a crowd of pilgrims all the way. The water alone dug the bed of the stream which ended up flowing into the stream that passes behind the church of San Giacomo. Everyone shouted at the sign and everyone prayed at the edge of the new stream. 

Those who follow the “apparitions” of Medjugorje know that there are the so-called ten secrets, which will be revealed three days before they happen, by a priest chosen by the visionary Mirjana. 

The first two secrets seem to be warnings to the world to convert.

The third secret, Our Lady allowed the visionaries to reveal it in part and all the visionaries agree in describing it: ” There will be a great sign on the hill of apparitions – says Mirjana – as a gift for all of us, so that it can be seen that Our Lady is present here as our mother. It will be a beautiful sign, which cannot be built with human hands, indestructible, and which will remain on the hill permanently. 

Those who have been to Medjugorje know that there has always been the problem of water , many times it is lacking and this has always been a problem. They tried several times to find a “vein” they dug in various places in the village, but with very poor results. Only stones and red earth as hard as stone.

Medjugorje: here is the prophecy on the third secret
Medjugorje: here is the prophecy on the third secret

The prophecy occurred before the apparitions

I would not have told you this “night prophecy” of a friend of mine if I had not remembered that I had already heard this story. In fact, in one of Sister Emmanuel’s books, “The hidden child”, the nun who has lived in Medjugorje for many years, we read the testimony of a “prophet”.

His name was Matè Sego and he was born in 1901. He never went to school, he could neither read nor write. He worked a small piece of land, slept on the ground, had neither water nor electricity and drank lots of grappa. He was a man loved by many in the village of Bijakovici, always smiling and joking. He lived at the foot of the mount of the apparitions Pobrodo.

One day Matè began to tell: “One day, there will be a large staircase behind my house, with as many steps as there are days of the year. Medjugorje will be very important, people will come here from all corners of the world. They will come to pray. The church will not be as small as it is now, but much larger and full of people. It cannot contain all those to come. When the church of my childhood is undermined, I will die that day.

There will be many streets, many buildings, much bigger than our little houses that we have now. Some buildings will be immense. “

At that point in the story Matè Sego is saddened and says “Our people will sell their lands to foreigners who will build on it. There will be so many people on my mountain that you won’t be able to sleep at night. “

At that point, Matè’s friends laughed and asked him if he had drunk too much grappa.

But Matè continues: “Do not lose your traditions, pray to God for everyone and for yourselves. There will be a spring here, a spring that will give a lot of water, so much water that there will be a lake here and our people will have boats and they will moor them to a big rock ”.

by Ania Goledzinowska


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