The director of Radio Maria Fr. Livio (Well known promoter of Medjugorje) “The Pandemic is a deliberate, Satanic Attack to hit the West .. to create a new world order without God”

Father Livio’s phrases lead to discussion. “Coronavirus? The devil acts through criminal minds. The aim is a medical coup “

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father livio

The director of Radio Maria Padre Livio Fanzaga – photo web source

For some hours now all the newspapers have highlighted the words of the director of Radio Maria. Yet the priest has long made no secret of his position, which is not very dissimilar to that of the archbishop and former nuncio to the United States of America, Carlo Maria Viganò, a few weeks ago also relaunched by the staff of the still American president Donald Trump .

The mechanism of portraying what disturbs as grotesque

One wonders why, given that these theses are made known through the Catholic broadcaster, right now they take on great prominence. There are those who speak of a work of media mystification. The mechanism is this: to highlight to unleash the moralism of those who always have certainty ready in their pockets, and hardly ask questions.


A wave that the most critics depict as the “politically correct bass drum”, where when you want to discredit an opinion, which in a free country is always legitimate, it is highlighted by portraying it as grotesque. Thus, in this way, in particular in the age of social networks which unfortunately more and more often are a strong amplifier of the smallest conformism , indignant comments are unleashed.

photo web source

Coronavirus, Father Livio: the devil acts through criminal minds

Consequently, that position and also all other reflections that could only vaguely be attributable to it become unpresentable or easily attacked. However, this does not mean that one should forgo presenting one’s opinion in the debate. Indeed, quite the opposite. As is well known, if a position is not debatable, it means that it has very little value, if not that of a heated soup already chewed by everyone and in every way.

Returning to the facts, Father Livio’s sentence is the following. “I tell you how I think”, the priest began. “I have broadened my knowledge and broadened my horizons: this epidemic is a very specific project to hit the West. I have always attributed it to the devil , who acts through men and therefore criminal minds, who have achieved it with a very specific purpose: to create a sudden transition to carry out a kind of medical coup d’état ”.

Coronavirus, Father Livio: project aimed at weakening humanity

Certainly strong, direct theses, for many questionable , but which nevertheless deserve a frank and thorough discussion. Father Livio pronounced them during the program “Christian reading of the chronicle and of history”, which was broadcast on 11 November last.

father livio
The director of Radio Maria Padre Livio Fanzaga – photo web source

According to the priest, therefore, according to what emerges from his insights, behind the Coronavirus there is “a project aimed at weakening humanity , bringing it to its knees, to establish a sanitary and cyber dictatorship, creating a new world that is no more than God the Creator “. How? “Through the elimination of all those who do not say yes to this criminal project carried out by the world elites, with the complicity of some state”.

Father Livio: epidemic is not a random project and affects the West

It would have to be said that his words certainly find confirmation in the reactions that were immediately unleashed in every corner of the predominant media system. To whom it disturbs not so much that you have a different thought about the Coronavirus, but to talk about the devil. In any case, Father Livio continued, the Coronavirus is not only linked to a Chinese origin, that of the Wuhan market which has often been talked about since the outbreak of the pandemic. But there is a much broader and more dangerous design.

“This epidemic is a non-random project, which does not come from bats or the Wuhan market,” he explained. “It developed as a very specific project to strike the West, perhaps not only from China. It started in Brazil, causing 60 million deaths, with a simulation of the Gates Foundation . And then in fact it came exactly like this “.


At the basis of all this, Father Livio concluded, there would be the desire to “ eliminate all those who do not play this game, creating a new world – which would be that of Satan – where we will all be zombies . It is a real thing, not far-fetched. And in my opinion they are in a hurry to achieve it by 2021 ”. An opinion very similar to that expressed by the archbishop and former nuncio to the United States of America, Carlo Maria Viganò. 

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