“The madness of Medjugorje…Nothing will ever be the same.”..Fr. Matteo’s powerful words – “Medjugorje is revolutionizing our way of conceiving and living the faith”


by Don Matteo Graziola

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Medjugorje is revolutionizing our way of conceiving and living the faith

Don Matteo’s reflection:

I was thinking today: the apparitions of Our Lady in Medjugorje would be more credible if she had always appeared in the same place, that is on the hill of apparitions or in the parish church of the Bosnian village, and if she had therefore forced the six visionaries to always go to that place. The fact that it appears in their private homes, at any gathering around the world, even on planes and buses, baffles many and makes them think it is a ridiculous show.

Let’s think of Marjia: for thirty years every day, everywhere, at the same time … She, mother of four children, in a condominium in Monza, between one turn of the stairs and the next … but it’s not madness, beyond all logic theological and human?

Actually, after asking God to help me understand something of this ‘strange’ or ’embarrassing’ way of the Madonna – we are talking about the Mother of God, the Queen of Angels and the Saints! -, I realized the beautiful and truly revolutionary message that these facts convey.

Do we not say that Our Lady is present in every Christian family? Did not Jesus from the cross entrust Mary to his beloved disciple and the latter perhaps took her with him to his home?

Then the message is clear: Mary is telling us that she is with us, in our homes, every day.

It is telling us that it is physically, really, operationally.

She is telling us: Stay with me even when you wash the dishes or write on the computer or let your children play. Take the Rosary and talk to me. Yes, call me, talk to me, give me your problems.

Listen to the Word of my Son with me, meditate on his life and teachings with me. Follow the Church and its teachings with me.

Come with me to the celebration of Holy Mass and learn to contemplate Jesus who gives himself to you in the Eucharist.

Come with me to confession, to take off the sins that ruin you. Come with me to be part of God’s people.

Come with me on mission in the world, to bear witness to your belonging to Christ and his Church.

Do works of charity with me towards those in need in body and spirit.

Stay with me even when God calls you to carry the cross.

He is telling us that God does not simply want a little more religious practice and moral obedience on our part: he wants a total sharing of life with him, a constant friendship, twenty four seven, without excluding anything.

She is telling us that every time we say “Hail Mary” we are actually greeting a presence, we are saying ‘you’ to Mary and she is actually listening to us.

Deepening on Medjugorje
Deepening on Medjugorje

In short, Medjugorje is changing our way of seeing life. No longer the idea of ​​an abysmal distance between us and God, covered by (rare …) “long-range” prayers from which we expect an answer in a long time: prayers that we send to God from our solitude, as letters written to a distant and totally absent person. No longer this, but the announcement that God is everything, here and now, and involves us with him in the Church, in the sacraments, in prayer, in Sacred Scripture, in confession, in fasting, in the mission. Our prayer is a being in front of him present.

So welcome is this omnipresent Madonna, who is not ashamed to come to a sports hall, or to a football field in Ossana in the rain, or to an arid and stony hill like in Medjugorje, or to a family apartment.

You are welcome to tell us that we are your children and that you want us to be with you always. You are welcome to tell us that we are sinners and that we must convert.

Welcome to take care of poor men like us, incoherent, awkward, hard of heart and mind, weak in body and spirit.

We are welcome not to be scandalized by our poverty, not to disdain being with us, not to flee for our mistakes.

Welcome to guide us, step by step, minute by minute.

Welcome to put us together around your Son.

Welcome not to leave us alone.

Welcome to talk to us for a long time and never get tired of it.

Welcome every day for thirty years and for all the centuries to come. Welcome to take us all to Heaven.

For all this Medjugorje comes to tell us that it is time to change: we had tried to throw God out of our life, but He… has doubled his presence.
There is no turning back.

Nothing will ever be the same again.

It is the beginning of a new civilization, which will not simply be better than that of today, but will be with Christ: never again separation from him, never again the horrible loneliness of man, never again, never again, never more! (Source temponuovo.net)

Don Matteo Graziola


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