Is father Michel Rodrigue’s Prophecy Unfolding?

Father Michel: “There will be a required mark to buy and sell and those who do not take it will be hunted down” . If you are captured you will be tormented and martyred if you will not convert to the Antichrist and the one world government.This will all precede the Three Days of Darkness.”

With the announcement of a new “Microchip” to be inserted underneath people’s skin is it possible now to think Father Michel Rodrigue’s prophecy coming true?

A SWEDISH company is creating a microchip that could be presented as a way to confirm one has the Covid-19 vaccine.

The microchip technology startup called Epicenter is creating a microchip that will be implanted under a person’s skin and will rely on existing “near-field communication” (NFC) to send data regarding one’s vaccination status.

The microchip is the size of a grain of rice and can be embedded under a person’s skin under their arm or between their pointer finger and thumb.

The point of such chips is to eliminate the need to carry key fobs, identification cards, and business cards.

The chips instead will allow people to store that data in addition to passports and medical records.

Sjöblad apparently organized “transplant parties” in 2014 when his employees gathered in fun social settings and embedded chips into their arms.


This is from the excellent web site Catholic Bridge


Many faithful Catholics believe Fr. Michel Rodrigue is the Apostle of the End Times. (Not his Bishop)  Fr. Michel says he has heard from Jesus, St. John, Our Lady, St. Joseph, the Archangel Gabriel and many others.


This is a rapidly developing situation. Below is a summary of his messages. 

( We are asking the body of Christ to discern Fr. Michel but we totally agree that Christians need to prepare for a great persecution.)

Update: In October, 2021 Fr. Michel Rodrigue sent a new message to Daniel O’Conner, where he claims that the Angel Gabriel gave him a specific message in March of 2021. We will include the major points of that message in the list of his prophesies below.

Fr. Michel Rodrigue prophesies that are specific

The biggest distinguishing factor of Fr. Rodrigue’s message from Church approved messages about the Apocalypse is the specificity on the timing and details about the Apocalypse. He’s saying the time is now!

  • St. Gabriel told Fr. Michel in a dream that St. Joseph kept Jesus and Mary safe in Nazareth before Jesus’ public ministry by his humility and quiet covering. He blended his family into the fabric of Nazareth without letting anyone know who Jesus and Mary were.
  • St. Joseph is the restrainer found in Thessalonians 2:1-13 who has been holding back the full scale calamity in 2021. It was God’s will that the Vatican proclaim Dec 8, 2020 – Dec. 8, 2021 the year of St. Joseph and it delayed the collapse of the world. Soon after Dec. 8, 2021, when the year of St. Joseph ends, there will be huge crisis in society and the persecution will be full strength upon the remnant Church. There will be huge scandals and accusations against Catholic Church.
  • “[The Father told me] …You will build it [the second monastery] at the end of the mandate of Trump. This means that in 2020, you will have to build it.” This has been built.
  • The smoke of satan entered the Church through the German bishops and with the Pachamama idol worship opening the Amazon Synod.
  • Everything began to unravel after Christmas 2019.
  • There will be political collapse.
  • There will be a warning where:
    • The whole world will see Jesus on the Cross in the sky with rays coming from his sacred wound where blood and water gushed forth as a font of mercy for us.
    • Every soul will see their life sins that have not been confessed. If a soul is currently on its way to purgatory, hell or heaven they will experience this. There are others who who have said similar things, but so far there does not appear to be Church approval of any message that speaks of a simultaneous event where every person in the world will see their sins.
    • Small tongues of fire will land on every soul during this process which will last about 15 minutes. Every soul will encounter Our Blessed Lord.