As many know Pope Francis has invited bishops and the rest of the world to join him when he recites the prayer of Consecration for Russia on March 25 in St. Peter’s Basilica.

In the Act of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary Pope Francis begins, it seems, by referring to Our Lady of Medjugorje’s recent and urgent pronouncement that we are now in “Time of trial”.

Pope Francis writes: “O Mary, Mother of God and our mother, “in this time of trial” we turn to you. As our mother, you love us and know us: No concern of our hearts is hidden from you.

That we are now in a “Time of trial” has recently been a regular theme from the Queen of Peace. In a message on April 25, 2021 She says: “May your faith, little children, not waver in any situation , not even in this time of trial.”

Pope Francis goes on to say: Holy Mother, amid the misery of our sinfulness, amid our struggles and weaknesses, amid the mystery of iniquity that is evil and war, you remind us that God never abandons us, but continues to look upon us with love, ever ready to forgive us and raise us up to new life.

He has given you to us and made your Immaculate Heart a refuge for the church and for all humanity. By God’s gracious will, you are ever with us; even in the most troubled moments of our history, you are there to guide us with tender love.

The great friend of Medjugrje, Father Livio was concerned a few months ago and already spoke of a message from Our Lady in which she revealed that we are now in “a time of trial”. Interestingly, Father Livio also speaks of “Sinfulness and weakness” as Pope Francis writes in his letter.
Father Livio says: Dear friends, The message through the visionary Marjia is particularly difficult and important because a time of trials is here before us at a time in which we are weak, so sin will overwhelm us.
Love above all things for the Sacred Hearts will allow us to resist the seductions and persecutions of the devil and the world that is under his power.

Let us read the full message from Our Lady on April 25, 2021 that reveals we now in the time of trial:

“Dear children! Today I am calling you to witness your faith in the colors of spring. May this be a faith of hope and courage.

May your faith, little children, not waver in any situation , not even in this time of trial.

Go courageously with the risen Christ towards Heaven, which is your goal.

I am accompanying you on this way of holiness and am placing all of you in my Immaculate Heart. Thank you for having responded to my call.”