FATHER LIVIO: Mirjana, you have spoken often that the date of March 18 is significant regarding the future events of Medjugorje. March 18  is your birthday. Is that why Our Lady chose you?

MIRJANA:You know this question isn’t very nice and sometimes it makes me angry that people think that Our Lady comes every March 18th because it’s my birthday. It’s terrible for me when they tell me: “Here Our Lady has come for your birthday”. But Our Lady never said “Happy Birthday” to me. When many things begin to take place, then, these dates that Our Lady has given will be understood and the fact that it is my birthday has nothing to do with it.

For Our Lady, as I always repeat to all pilgrims, I am the same as everyone else. For the Madonna there are no privileged children; a mother has an equal love for all her children. Our Lady has chosen me and through me she communicates messages, but she has also chosen each of you, because what I do with the messages is to invite you to be apostles of her, to spread everywhere the messages that the Lord gives us . So we are all equal, all chosen, important and privileged.

If someone is privileged for Our Lady, these are the priests, because in recent times you have been talking to me about priests. I have been to Italy many times and I have seen a great difference compared to here in the way priests are treated. 

Here, when a priest enters the house, we all get up, no one starts to speak before he speaks, no one sits down first, because we know that, through the priest, the Lord Jesus enters our house. 

Our Lady always says: “Priests don’t need your judgment and your criticisms, but they need your love and your prayers”. God ultimately judges everyone: we will be judged for our behavior with priests and priests for what they did as priests. 

Our Lady says that if we lose respect for priests, then we also lose respect for the Church and for our Lord. If we think our priest is doing what he shouldn’t be doing, let’s not waste time talking about it. Let us pray for him and ask the Lord to help him understand. So, if anyone is privileged, these are the priests.

Our Lady always says: “Priests represent my Son”. Also with regard to blessing she says during the apparitions: “I give you my motherly blessing, but the most important blessing you can receive on earth is the one that priests give you, because, through them, my Son blesses you”. So if anyone is privileged, it’s only the priests.